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A Holiday Skandal

Posted by Sebastian Cubillos on 22 December 2014

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Working through December inside a busy mall made holiday shopping a beast I had to tooth-and-claw with instead of a list I had to check. Everyone who has done it knows the frustration felt when people keep walking in right when you were supposed to take your lunch, and so the only thing that keeps you from shooting at the ceiling, is a quick thought of the money you’ll be getting so you can then in turn use it to terrorize other retail workers. During my battles in that lion's den, the ten versions of the songs we call christmas music were played over, and over, and over… brainwashing me so that now I almost go into A-Clockwork-Orange-type shock when I hear the first note of those few and overplayed versions. Just so you don't think I'm a grinch, however, that is the reason why I always eagerly welcome good, and refreshing, music made in honor of the end-of-year season. 

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