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Bomwise Interview and New Single


Love is in the air and I have a new song that I think is perfect to dedicate to your boo this Valentine’s Day.

BomWise, from Miami, Florida, just dropped a new pop ska tune, titled “You & Me, Piensalo". I feel as if the song brings a breath of fresh air to the genre. The song has a catchy melodic lead that transports listeners to a beach somewhere in the distant future. BomWise is pushing the genre to new territories and exploring singing in English and Spanish.

Born in Venezuela, BomWise naturally has a tropical Caribbean vibe that is reflected in his music. The romantic, yet playful message of the song makes this the perfect love song for the romantic ska aficionado. 

“You & Me, Piensalo” is the fourth track BomWise has released since he started his solo project last year and he seems to be doing well. He's been active since the mid 90’s, but now he’s taken his own path by producing his own songs as a solo artist. I had a chance to ask BomWise a few questions and this is what he had to say:

ADAN: Who is BomWise?

BOMWISE: My real name is Eddie and I was born in Caracas, Venezuela but I’ve been living in Miami, FL for 24 years. My music is characterized by my charisma, optimistic messages and positive takeaways. It invites us to escape from the everyday routine and see the positive side of things, where perhaps we had never noticed it before. Hence my artist name. The name BomWise is a made-up name that means “El Buen Sabio – The Good Wise." It’s a mixture of Portuguese and English. I’m a drummer (almost 30 years) and I play other instruments for fun.

ADAN: What is the message behind “You & Me, Piensalo?"

BOMWISE: It’s about taking a relationship to the next level in a mischievous and playful way.

ADAN: Is this song about a certain person in your life?

BOMWISE: Not really! But you could say it’s inspired by my wife. I go through my memory lane or create new moments in my head to come up with ideas, but I like keeping it generic. In fact, in my lyrics, I avoid genders so that everyone can relate.

ADAN: What was the writing process for you like? What parts did you come up with first? 

BOMWISE: This one, in particular, was really fun. It happened while I was hanging out in a motorhome on my way to Indiana and the cold and rainy weather inspired me to write something.

I always come up with the chords and melody first, then the lyrics. In the case of “You & Me, Piénsalo," the chorus was the first thing I wrote. I liked it as a hook and then came up with the rest.

ADAN: What challenges, if any, have you faced as a solo ska artist during the pandemic?

BOMWISE: As an emerging artist that started during the pandemic, I didn't have any challenges. In fact, it was quite the opposite, I accomplished more than ever before. Obviously, my focus has remained in producing music.

ADAN: Is everything in the song made completely by you or do you have other musicians that are part of the production process?

BOMWISE: Yes! This song was completely performed and produced by me. The mixing and mastering as well.

ADAN: What can we expect from BomWise in the future?

BOMWISE: More music for sure! I want to have at least 8 songs to form a band and start performing. And of course, release my first EP.

BomWise - You & Me, Piénsalo

“You & Me, Piensalo” is now available on all streaming platforms and you can also hear it on the Skahour this Saturday 5PM - 6PM.

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