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EP Goodness - Tita - 'Todo Es Mental’


For the past year, Guatemalan, rising indie-pop singer, Mariana Moreno has been hard at work with her solo project, Tita; a name she decided for her project because it was an affectionate, childhood nickname given to her by her sister.  After a lot of hard work, Tita has released her six-song, debut EP, Todo Es Mental via Cosmica Records.

Leading up to the EP's release, Tita released three nifty, crafty, crispy, witty and absolutely catchy singles: “Todo Esta Bien,” “En Mi Mente,” and “Me Quedo Con Lo Bueno.” She's been featured on various playlists and has been heard right here on the Latin Alt HD3

Todo Es Mental touches on many aspects of the complexities that make us human; anxiety, solitude, love, varying conflicting emotions, back and forth inner-monologues, the subconscious effect of other people's opinions on our soul, and the burdensome weight of societal pressures. 

Tita, in short, says "the songs are all about our state of mind and how we interpret life situations."

Throughout the EP, listeners can expect each song to have a universe of their own filled with colorful, star-gazing, intergalactic vocals layered with simple dark and bright synths as meaningful, relatable lyrics come whizzing by.

The EP blasts off with “Me Quedo Con Lo Bueno,” welcoming listeners to Tita’s silky, expansive, indie-pop universe with tiny little hip-hop clusters. It’s filled with intricate trap portals that lead the melodies to a recognizable, Jazzy planet. 

The EP keeps listeners in orbit with its funky, bright, supernova-like track, "Paredon."  When it's time for "Si Tu Estas Bien," fans can expect to be floating among the stars, navigating through twinkling electronic sounds.

The track "Almas De Cristal" shifts gears and commences to set its thrusters and hyperdrives her fanatics into a world of 80s' influenced tempos, dream-inducing synthesizers and a dope bass line. The joyful vibes and positive rhythms of "En Mi Mente" offer words of calm, validation and a sense of relief as Tita reminds us that sometimes, it's just in our head, supestamente. "Caballito De Mar," the final track, gets its landing gear ready to drop its listeners on an isolated yet blissful island planet to enjoy the calming beach waves, Tita's soothing vocals and hypnotic ukulele strums.

(I've been watching a lot of documentaries about the universe, can you tell?)

Tita - Todo Es Mental