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Nueva Música y Video: Georgel - Adrenalina feat. Nanpa Básico plus short interview.


By the end of last year, Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Georgel had released, "Que No Nos Importa feat. Kat Dahlia," a tune with some real seductive R&B waves. Now, in celebration of Pride Month, he shares another equally seductive tune and futuristic steampunk video, "Adrenalina," alongside Colombian rapper, Nanpa Básico via Empire.

"Adrenalina is that extra push I need to reinvent myself in every song and every aspect of my existence. Soul and R&B feed my soul's inner passions. It's an invitation to break out from traditional patterns and to break stereotypes."

"Working with Nanpa brought me closer to a great human being whose career is rising at meteoric speed, but without losing his humility not only did he connect with the song immediately, but he was able to take it to another level with his poetic and intellectual style."


Georgel does not disappoint listeners who are trying to find some really sexy, dance-the-night-away, dancing-in-your-own-seat-while-you're-working type of R&B en Español. He didn't disappoint me; I'm dancing in my seat while working away right now. The song keeps me from writing this article by providing me some funky bass jives and a catchy chorus joined by Nanpa Básico's rapid, hypnotic flow. You know a song is good when the work you're doing takes longer than it should.

I ain't even mad. 

Extra credit:

I had the opportunity to talk with Georgel about his new song.

BG: What’s the main message you want to achieve with the song?

Georgel: Wake up! Freedom lives in your heart, your heart, creativity, and imagination don’t have to stay quarantined! They can travel all over the universe! Find adrenaline intense worthy experiences in love, life, work, family, and music! You don’t have to explain yourself to anybody, don’t let anyone put you in a box, and if they do, ignore them.

BG: What was your mindset while writing the song?

Georgel: I’ve heard so many times in my life that I need to stick more to a music line,a gender line, a sexual orientation line, etc etc etc  to build an identity, but with this song I find that anti identity is my identity! And I want people to know the its ok not just being one thing, its ok to embark the journey, to not know exactly where it leads, to try anything you want cause life is too short to do otherwise.

BG: Was the song written or recorded prepandemic or during the pandemic?

Georgel: 1 week before airports closed! Surreal!!

BG: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Georgel: We are living an unprecedented time in Human History… We’ve given EARTH environmental destruction, oppression to minorities, gender & sexual diversity, an economy that only supports the wealthy, what do we get back? COVID. Let's respect our planet and each other as human beings.