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That New Album Smell: Julia De Castro - La Historiadora


The multi-talented, scholarly, Julia De Castro releases her solo debut album, La Historiadora, via El Volcán Música. Cool fact: the album was produced by Camilo Lara, ya sabes, Mexican Institute of Sound. The album was worked on over the course of four years. Recording began in Túcson, Arizona, continued in Rome, and ended in Mexico City.

Castro says it best, "the album is memorabilia of these four years of continuous displacement, an eclectic album where genres follow one another without prejudice."

La Historiadora is a multi-faceted album with a genre fluidity that kept me immersed from start to end and back again. The first song with its electro-rock-pop grooves hooked me in, and I'm glad it did. Or else i would have missed out on some genuine musical exploration. As I continued to Santa Frivola, it's the second track and the album first single, I was hypnotized by Castro's rap-like flow and kept in a trance by its action inducing drums beats and angel trumpets hugging its sound. As I continued my journey, I was surprised by every song because of its creative ways to mix genres, blend instruments, and lyrics with themes of maturity, sex-workers, sexuality, and life. I was so astounded that I, unexpectantly, thought to myself out loud, "what a great album, well done."

My favorite song from the album has got to be her take on the cumbia genre with "Caminadora." I hope you give the album a listen because I really believe you'll be in for a treat, a 10 song treat. 

Check out the music video to my favorite track below. I've also provided two more videos, all top-notch.



This last one is NSFW, so be careful where you press play.