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Manu Chao

Manu Chao, after 10 years - yes 10! - has released brand new music! As of January 2017, via Manuchao.net fans are able to listen and download his three new tracks.!  It’s been nearly a month and I’m still thrilled!

- Words of Truth

- No Solo en China Hay Futuro

And a Bonus: (NEW!) Ti. Po. Ta. a new duo consisting of: Manu Chao and  Klelia Renesi

- Moonlight Avenue

It came as a pleasant surprise, music fans weren’t expecting anything new, highly anticipated tracks that we didn’t know we were anticipating. Sorry we are a little late to inform but better late than never.

A decade since we have heard anything new come from this man’s musical mind. It may not be an album but it sure does feel like it. Plus thinking about the implications. This means Manu Chao is working on new material, yet again. And along with the announcement of Ti. Po. Ta. I can take a well educated guess and say, they’re not going to be a one hit wonder.

Check out their brand new music video! (All the other songs have videos too)