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New Video: Alaina Castillo - 'Tonight'

Alaina Castillo - Tonight

Alaina Castillo releases the official music video for her latest song, “tonight” and it’s everything I envisioned. Here's my last post for reference. From her glittery green skates to her holographic jacket; the bright visuals behind her. The video couldn’t have matched the energy of the song any better.

Directed by Spencer Hord, we see Castillo spinning her way into the choreography,  reminding me of numerous late-night dance parties I've been to. 

I really expected the Texas-native to show off her skating skills at a skating rink but with the pandemic still prominent in the States, it makes sense that the video wasn't filmed at one. Not to mention she has claimed the single as her “antisocial party song,” which explains her solo performance in the video.

Compared to other videos she has released, this one tops the cake as her most light-hearted one. We get to see a more playful and goofy side to Castillo, showing off her groovy dance moves while playfully smirking at the camera.