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Nueva Música: Lashormigas - Pueblo Nomada


Madrid, Indie pop band Lashormigas releases their newest single, “Pueblo Nomada,” in anticipation of their upcoming debut album Lo Mas Bien via El Volcan Musica. As of now, the label’s website states the release date for the album as simply as July, no word if it will be pushed back due to the pandemic. Por lo tanto, check out the quirky music video for the single “Pueblo Nomada” if you haven’t yet.

The song starts in a sweet lullaby cadence with a sense of twinkling stars and laying on a cloud pillow. The song soon turns into a quirky indie tune filled with syrup like languid vocals. The bright, sunny guitar cadences carries its weight till the end.  The colorful, upbeat song is contracted against two people lounging around on their coach, just casually reading books and very likely enjoying each other's company.