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Nueva Música: Santi & From - Santi & from - Charcuteras feat. Muil


"Characuteras," via El Volcan Musica, is the new song from two indie-pop en Español artists, Santi and From. Santi is formally from Autoescuela, an indie-pop band from Asturias, Spain. From is (F)ernando (Rom)ero, who's also from Spain.

This is the first time, Santi releases music under his own name but not without a couple of friends. The song gave me vibes familiar with The Beatle's album Rubber Soul, Mac Demarco and a hint of Simon and Garfunkel. The melancholy lo-fi sound I've come to associate with From, carries itself well with bright guitar solos and somber lyrics about boredom on twitter and the meaningless things of daily life.