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Nueva Mūsica: Tita - Me Quedo Con Lo Bueno

Me Quedo con lo

Guatemalan, Indie-pop artist, Tita (Mariana Moreno) is releasing her newest single, Me Quedo Con Lo Bueno June 26th via Cosmica Records. Listen to her previous singles, En Mi Mente (released in March) and Si Tú Estás Bien (released in January) below. If you enjoy the songs, expect to enjoy three more in her upcoming debut EP, "Todo Es Mental."

Today I was able to get a sneak peek of her newest single and let me tell you, it’s a wonderfully constructed song. Much like the rest of her music, it blends genres from beginning to end. I really enjoyed hearing tried and true Indie guitar tangs/riffs that complimented hair raising jazzy trombones and Tita’s agave syrup like voice brought it all together. 

Tita explains that the song is written from the perspective of a person dealing with anxiety attacks, which can often make them feel like a ghost. This feeling is reflected in the single art above. She also says that while this song conveys the days of feeling like a ghost it should also push to "get away, climb the clouds, see the world more clearly, let go of what is not essential, and keep what really matters." 

Y con los tiempos como en dia y hoy, es importante mensajes como de Tita y te animamos que te quedes con lo bueno. Mucho amor y buen salud de el Latin Alt HD3.