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Nuevo Video: Niña Dioz - 'Brillo'

Mexicana rapper based out of Los Angeles, Niña Dioz estrena su nuevo video para her latest release, "Brillo." As I'm writing this right now, at this very moment, up to the last letter, I have not watched the video yet because it's only a couple of hours away from going live on her YouTube channel. Try to catch it on the LIVE.

*Disclaimer* The following video prediction will all be speculation. I have no insight into what happened during the filming. Video plans weren't shared with me. Nothing. If the events of the video actually take place, it will be 100% accidental. Everything I speculate here is a work of fiction and out of my own imagination.

Niña Dioz has reclaimed the summer in this new video. She takes viewers into a post-pandemic summer and it's bonkers; it's more fun than anything we can imagine! There's a party bus involved, bright colors, strobe lights, drinks flying, all kinds of dancing, a bothered bouncer, and the glorious feeling of being virus-free. The people are all animated too. On top of all this, Dioz is a floating head watching over the party, making sure the party stays lit. Disappointingly enough, the video ends with Niña Dioz waking up from a dream. It was good to escape for a while though.