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That New Album Smell: Kid Abstrakt & Emapea - Jazzy Vibes

Diego Montoya or better known as Kid Abstrakt, has released a new album called, Jazzy Vibes alongside Polish producer, Emapea. In my opinion, the album definitely delivers those jazzy vibes promised in the title. There’s plenty of Vibraphone samples that tickle the ear as Kid Abstrakt and Predominance lay down heavy rhythmic bars. DJ Million Faces comes in with his signature scratching, delivering an ideal 90’s flare to a modern jazz sample.

I think the album is perfect to play in the morning while sipping on some hot coffee and getting ready for the day, or even yet, during a nice sunset drive. The album taps into Kid Abstrakt's personal struggles, motivating anyone going through similar situations. The group has released a cool animated video a few months ago, teasing the new album. This is what I consider true hip-hop. I love the vibe and a positive mental attitude. Get ready to chill and vibe with “Jazzy Vibes”.

I first heard Kid Abstrakt about nine years ago when he was part of the group Revolutionary Rhythm (R2). The group was made up of Rene Camarena (Predominance), DJ Million Faces, and Kid Abstrakt. R2 is respected by legends in the underground hip-hop scene. They've also performed alongside People Under the Stairs and The Pharcyde. Predominance brought a unique quick flow that paired with Kid Abstrakt's chill flow. DJ Million faces tied the group together with his signature scratching style. Although the group disbanded years ago, they came together again for a few songs on Kid Abstrakt and Emapea's new album. 

Kid Abstrakt & Emapea - It's All Good (Animation Video)