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That New Album Smell: La Dame Blanche - ‘Ella’

 LaDameBlanche Ella artwork

The multi-talented, trilinguist (possibly more), unapologetic, Cuban-born, Yaite Ramos Rodriguez releases her fourth album, Ella via Nacional Records. 

Rodriguez's feminism glows through her choice of artwork. An obvious statement, she's here with a message of women empowerment.

Rodriguez created a powerful, genre salad of an album with Ella. The album offers heart heavy hip-hop rubies, cumbia diamonds, dancehall gold laid with the finest, shiniest, catchiest, I-f***s-with-it-hardiest lyrical gems.

Ella permeates with feminist energy by giving insight into a woman's experience through the eyes and words of La Dame Blanche. An introspective message accomplished with each song by a telling of 10 different stories illuminating many facets of Blanche.

The lyrics are mixed with varying ideas and sentiments that are not only expressed with her dynamic, riveting lyrics but also by the very vibes, tempo, speed, and power of the beats. 

Ella is crafted with care. To send a message. Give perspective. Disrupt narratives. Empower women. Dance it up.

Fun fact: Yaite Ramos Rodriguez's father, Jesus “Aguaje” Ramos, is the director of the Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club. If you haven't heard their music yet, I highly recommend them.

La Dame Blanche - La Maltratada