A Service of Saddleback College and
California State University, Northridge

Who We Are

MISSION STATEMENT: Latin Alt HD3 was established to serve and provide thoughtful music radio programming that is fresh yet familiar. We're here to serve Southern California's diverse bilingual and culturally rich communities and across the United States. We think of nothing else but to provide you with the best music mix of emerging and established musicians worldwide and a platform to support the local music scene. We are NOT your typical world music station…we’re the alternative.


And we don’t stop there; we’re also here to:

  • Captivate listeners with exciting opportunities to discover new and iconic music from around the world and various cultures.

  • Engage audiences with the chance to attend meaningful cultural experiences that support the arts and highlight the listener’s own culture and heritage.

  • Provide mentorship to students of California State University, Northridge and Saddleback College seeking careers in the broadcast and music industries.

  • Build a notable multi-media non-profit organization that is a financially viable competitor in the Southern California market so we may better serve our bilingual communities and constituents: listeners, members, sponsors, universities and students.

You are enjoying Latin Alt HD3: a new way to experience radio.