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Kings End Playoff Drought
Kings End Playoff Drought
By: Alejandro Perez | Mar. 30, 2023

De'Aaron Fox and the Sacramento Kings are headed to the playoffs for the first time in 16 years.

After their 40 point win last night against a depleted Portland Trailblazers team, fans rallied together to "LIGHT THE BEAM".

Fox and Kevin Huerter both had 17 points with Malik Monk finishing with 19 coming off the bench.

The Kings now sit at third place in the Western Conference with 46 wins and 30 losses, securing them home court advantage for the playoffs.

Sac-town also ended the longest playoff drought in NBA history, after their win coach Mike Brown added that the team was excited but that they expect more
The Kings will play Friday night once again versus the Trail Blazers.


Photo credit: San Francisco Chronicle

Luka Doncic Missed the NBA Playoffs
Luka Doncic Missed the NBA Playoffs
By: Edward Segal | Mar. 30, 2023

Earlier this season, Luka Doncic became the Mavericks' single-season leader in 30-point-games, and tying the NBA record for highest-scoring triple-double.

Now, he could possibly add to that by becoming the fourth player in NBA history to miss the playoffs while averaging at least 33 points per game.

The Mavs have gone 8 and 14 since the trade deadline, and have fallen out of the playoff picture with just a handful of games left in the season.

Doncic is averaging 32.8 points per game with five games left in the season.

He could become the first player to accomplish the feat since Allen Iverson, who averaged 33 points per game with the Sixers in 2006.


Photo credit: Sporting news

Shark Bites Colorado Child In Cancun
Shark Bites Colorado Child In Cancun
By: Hugo Maldonado Garcia | Mar. 30, 2023

The Colorado boy was in Cancun with his family when he ends up with a severely injured leg.

Dillion Armijo says he was very scared and didn't think he would live.

Four days later Dillion was airlifted back to Colorado where his mom says he had to undergo three surgeries.

The boy is now recovering, and says he will go back into the ocean eventually. 


Photo credit: ABC News

Orca Is Set To Be Returned To The Ocean
Orca Is Set To Be Returned To The Ocean
By: Warren Lopez | Mar. 30, 2023

The year of 1993 saw the release of Free Willy, now another orca comes back to the ocean.

A theme park owner, animal rights group and NFL philanthropist are not walking into a bar, but they have plans to return Lolita, a whale that lived at the Miami Seaquarium for about 50 years.

Her return to the pacific northwest could take from six to nine months.

The group says the mission may cost from $15 Million to $20 Million.

Lolita is 57 years old and weights 5,000 pounds. 


Photo credit: People

North Carolina Has A New Gun Law
North Carolina Has A New Gun Law
By: Marc Monroy | Mar. 30, 2023

Just three days after the shooting in a school in Nashville, North Carolina's legislature made it legal to buy a pistol without a permit.

This comes after the Republican-led legislature overrode a veto by Governor Roy Cooper.

Republicans have been trying for years to soften permit requirements which previously required licenses and background checks.

Although those laws are still in effect.

The new bill will broaden the ability to carry a gun in places of religious.

The law goes into effect immediately and will still prohibit guns on school grounds and other government buildings.


Photo credit: The Well

Da Vinci Paint Ingredient
Da Vinci Paint Ingredient
Credit: Kelly Caminero - The Daily Beast
By: Ally Najera | Mar. 29, 2023

Famous artists Leonardo Da Vinci -- Sandro Botticelli and Rembrandt may have used special ingredients to paint.

The "Old Masters" ingredient was established to be proteins, especially egg yolk in oil paintings.

According to a study residue of the protein have been found in the artists' classic art pieces.

The 16th, 17th and early 18th century painters most likely used the proteins on purpose to craft their art work.

Scientists have found that the egg yolk could have impacted the quality and long-lasting effect of the artwork.

Evidence of egg yolk might have been under our noses all along.

DaVinci's "Madonna of the Carnation", one of the paintings which was examined might show use of the proteins.

In fact, the parts of the painting which did not have the egg yolk wrinkled in comparison to other parts.

This new observation is one that has catapulted a new conversation for history buffs and art lovers.

Two New McDonald's Desserts!
Two New McDonald's Desserts!
Credit: The Krazy Coupon Lady
By: Dimitri Maurry | Mar. 29, 2023

McDonald's is releasing two new desserts but most American might have to travel by plane to get them.

April 12th, participating locations nationwide will be serving the new Strawberry Shortcake McFlurry.

Created will vanilla ice cream, strawberry-flavored clusters, and shortbread cookie -- this version of the McFlurry will only be available as supplies are limited.

The other new dessert added to the menu is the Guava & Creme Pie -- made with a guava and vanilla creme middle and crisped sugar crust.

This dessert will be exclusively available in Hawaii starting March 28th.

Korean Chip Center
Korean Chip Center
By: Jasmine Cuza | Mar. 29, 2023

South Korean President --Yoon Suk Yeol  has announced it will build a ginormous facility to make computer chips in the greater Seoul area with about two hundred and thirty billion in investment from Samsung Electronics.

A government statement said the giant chip facility would be located in the Gyeonggi province which is part of the Seoul Metropolitan Area and would be completed in about 20 years.

Paris Olympic Law
Paris Olympic Law
Credit: Fat Tire Tours
By: Branden Rodriguez | Mar. 29, 2023

French's law for the 2024 Paris Olympics will open the door for video surveillance technology in Europe and has passed on Tuesday with lawmakers voting for it.

The bill will legalized the intelligent surveillance systems to watch over the Paris games -- which starts in 2024 from July 26 to August 11.

The camera systems will have an AI software to flag potential security concerns like crowd surges or any suspicious activity.

The bill says the technology can be used on an experimental basis to the end of 2024 to safeguard sporting and cultural events in France that are particularly at risk of being targeted by terror attacks.

The bill also includes a clear for cameras to be mounted on drones.

Fentanyl Bill
Fentanyl Bill
Credit: Spectrum News
By: Alejandro Perez | Mar. 29, 2023

A bill that would hopefully narrow down fentanyl deaths stalled in the California state Senate committee yesterday.

The bill known as Alexandra's Law warns fentanyl dealers that if they're caught selling the drug after receiving a written warning and one of their customers dies from it -- they could face an upgraded sentence from manslaughter to second-degree murder.

The bill was named after Alexandra Capelouto who died in 2019 from fentanyl after she thought she was buying a prescription painkiller.

Matt Capelouto, the father of the woman, criticized lawmakers claiming that once again they are doing nothing to try and protect the lives of our loved ones.

Meanwhile in Orange County -- supervisors voted 4 to 1 to support the bill.

The one person who voted against it was Supervisor Vicente Sarmiento.

Sarmiento says that this bill will not solve any problems and that it's becoming repetitive.

He went on to say crack, cocaine and crystal meth have shown that putting people in jail doesn't solve the problem.

New Mansion Tax
New Mansion Tax
Credit: Allen J. Schaben - Getty Images
By: Giselle Lomeli | Mar. 29, 2023

A tax on mansions will be put into count starting April 1st  as a response to the homelessness crisis.

Owners with properties for sale of 5-million-dollars will receive a  4-percent transfer tax where as 10-million-dollar mansion owners will receive 5-point-5 percent. 

Luxury offers are being made to agents and buyers with no cost in order to sell the properties before the tax starts because it would have a lower financial affect on sellers.

The money will be used for housing projects to help those at risk of homelessness, but agents believe there are other ways of going about this issue.

CEO of Altman Brothers Real Estate --Josh Altman-- said that the property tax should be for all house sales or a certain percent of profit should go towards this issue because it would be more managable.

Doctors Speeding Sticker
Doctors Speeding Sticker
Credit: Newsbreak
By: Michael Narciso | Mar. 29, 2023

A California vehicle code will give doctors the right to break speeding laws when responding to an emergency.

The California Medical Association says that the exemption only applies when traveling to an emergency or driving on the freeway under those rules.

It also clarifies that a doctor who uses this permission without due consideration will be help responsible.

For those interested in trying out for this exemption -- the law requires a pre-approved official badge or sign displayed on the vehicle driven by a licensed physician.

Forms to apply for the badge require various licenses and identification numbers.

Commanders Bid
Commanders Bid
Credit: Scott Taetsch - Getty Images
By: Elle Laur | Mar. 29, 2023

Two groups have officially placed bids to buy out Dan Snyder's Washington Commanders team.

Snyder hasn't accepted either offer yet - but both came in at his six-billion-dollars offer.

Synder's position was first questioned last fall as new investigations of the team's workplace environment and finances began - including dozens of reported incidents of sexual harassment beginning on summer of 2020.

This led to a ten-million-dollar fine and him taking a break from day-to-day teams' operations.

Snyder is looking to sell the team to avoid speaking with a U-S Attorney assigned to investigate the reports.

A Petition Made Stan Lee Change The City From Fantastic Four
A Petition Made Stan Lee Change The City From Fantastic Four
By: Ally Najera | Mar. 29, 2023

Wherever the Marvel plots have resided, the locations may be real.

The original 'Fantastic Four' was originally set to take place in Central City, California, which is a fictional setting.

Though Stan Lee's decision to move the plot to Stockton was brought about with the use of a petition.

Al Greco, owner of Al's Comics petitioned for Lee to visit his location.

With 300 signatures the shop-owner was able to get Lee for a meet-and-greet.

A radio station ad salesman pushed for Fantastic Four to be officially homed in Stockton.

Since then, the 'Fantastic Four' comics have become iconic and have given Stockton its own tourism action.


Photo credit: Film Stories

New Cup Noodles Flavor Imitates Breakfast Favorites
New Cup Noodles Flavor Imitates Breakfast Favorites
By: Melissa Azevedo | Mar. 29, 2023

The popular food company who creates the nostalgic Cup Noodles has recently announced it's release for a breakfast version of the famous instant ramen.

This version includes flavors that resemble sausage, maple syrup pancakes and eggs.

Creating this very intersting combination of flavors will hopefully help eager breakfast fans jump start their day on a right note.

The company Nissin is hoping this new breakfast item can help combat the recent spike in food prices for popular breakfast samples.

You can officially purchase Cup Noodles Breakfast for $1.39 starting on Wednesday at select Walmart stores and also on their website. 


Photo credit: CNN

Easiest and Hardest Quarters To Find In The US
Easiest and Hardest Quarters To Find In The US
By: Beatriz Barros Felice | Mar. 28, 2023

Over ten years ago, the US Mint decided to produce coins that would honor each one of the 50 states of the country.

However, some states are easier to find than others, since the production ran from 1999 to 2008, issuing five new quarters every year.

In the back of each quarter, there a state feature or special moment in history, which for 33 states the governors chose the design and in 17 state the residents chose the coin design.

The total coins issued during those nine years were 34.3 Billion quarters, 520 Million being from the state of California, which unfortunately is not enough to rank on the top five of most issued coins.

The most popular quarter is from the state of Virginia, which had 1.6 Billion quarters in circulation.

Other states with more than a billion coins minted are: Connecticut, South Carolina, New York, Maryland, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and North Carolina.

The hardest coin design to find is from Oklahoma with 416.6 Million quarters minted.


Photo credit: US Mint

Twitter Is Reportedly Worth $20 Billion
Twitter Is Reportedly Worth $20 Billion
By: Quinn Hettich | Mar. 28, 2023

Blue checks may be the only checks Twitter employees might now receive after an email was sent out on Friday revealing the companies new net-worth.

Almost five months after billionaire CEO Elon Musk took over Twitter, he told his employees in an email that the company was valued at $20 Billion, which  is less than half of what he bought it for.

Despite Twitter being played with controversies under Musk, he says the company could someday be worth over $200 Billion.

However until then, his new compensation program will allow employees to receive stock in his holding company, X-Corp.


Photo credit: WCCFtech

Migrants in Mexico Set Fire After Discovering Deportation Plans
Migrants in Mexico Set Fire After Discovering Deportation Plans
By: Luis Morales | Mar. 28, 2023

In  Northern Mexico, 39 people are dead after a massive fire broke out at an immigration detention center.

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador says the fire was started by migrants while inside a Cuidad Juarez facility after they learned they were going to be deported.

Twenty-nine others were injured in the blaze and are in delicate-to-serious condition.

The tensions come as many immigrants from Central and South America continue to seek asylum in Mexico, hoping to make it to the United States.

The national immigration agency says it rejects the actions that led to this tragedy.


Photo credit: Press TV

Sam Bankman-Fried Is In Legal Trouble
Sam Bankman-Fried Is In Legal Trouble
By: Justin Borses | Mar. 28, 2023

Sam Bankman-Fried, founder of the failed crypto firm FTX allegedly bribed at least one Chinese official in an attempt to gain access to frozen trading accounts.

These charges add to the already existing fraud case filed in court last year.

Bankman-Fried pleaded not guilty and is currently under house arrest at his parent's home.

The accounts were released after a money transfer took place and the funds went into a private crypto wallet.

Bankman Fried says that there were holes in management but he denies engaging in fraud.


Photo credit: Vox

Texas Basketball Gets A New Coach
Texas Basketball Gets A New Coach
Credit: University of Texas Athletics
By: Justin Borses | Mar. 27, 2023

The University of Texas has reached an agreement with Rodney Terry--who'll become the school's new full time men's basketball coach.

He led the program on an interim basis after the midseason firing of Chris Beard.

Texas reached the Elite Eight during its March Madness tournament run-losing to Miami last night.

Fans had been publicly advocating for Terry to get the job after his team won the Big 12 Tournament earlier this month.

Financial details of the deal haven't been made available yet as Texas made its longest postseason run since 2008.

Cadbury Bunny Contest Has A New Winner!
Cadbury Bunny Contest Has A New Winner!
Credit: The Hershey Company
By: Karen Espinoza | Mar. 27, 2023

The winner of the Cadbury Bunny contest is a one-eyed rescue cat.

The cat's name is Crash and he is the first cat to ever win the annual contest.

He has been described as having a quirky and outgoing personality by his local shelter's staff.

He tragically lost an eye to a car accident--but that didn't stop him.

As the cutest contestant Crash gets to dress up in his bunny costume for Cadbury's Clucking Bunny commercial.

He also gets a prize of five-thousand-dollars and a bonus prize of the same amount goes to a shelter of his choice.

Crash's unique appearance and charisma did not stop him from hopping his way to first place.

Metro Adds News Safety Measures
Metro Adds News Safety Measures
Credit: Metro
By: Edward Segal | Mar. 27, 2023

Forty-eight new transit security officers were hired today by the LA County Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

The funding approved by the Metro Board of Directors will create a permanent team of people to ride bus lines with greater safety in mind.

County Supervisor and second vice chair of the Metro board Janice Hahn says that those who ride the bus deserve to feel safe inside.

The board hired the officers to advance its public safety plan and increase security aboard its trains.

This hiring came two weeks after the LACTMA deployed 200 unarmed Metro Ambassadors to make riders feel safe and welcome.

The board also approved policies intended to remove bias from policing.

Other parts of the public safety plan focus on homeless outreach, security cameras and more frequent cleaning.

French Protests Erupt
French Protests Erupt
Credit Nacho Doce / Reuters
By: Marc Monroy | Mar. 27, 2023

Violent protests in France have grown rapidly in the past couple of weeks.

People in the crowd from ages 17 to 76 are making their voices heard after a controversial reform.

Current French President Emmanuel Macron's administration has ignited a firestorm of anger with the unpopular pension reforms that push the legal retirement age from 62 to 64.

Protestors are furious with the way Macron handled the situation comparing him with old kings of the past with rough finishes to their reigns.

Critics hope to make Macron's second and final term in office a lot harder than previous presidents.

Due to the rise in strikes and protests, Macron postponed a visit from King Charles the third after saying the visit would have put the Royal Family at risk of becoming a target which would destabilize the situation.

As for the protests, officers have fired over four-thousand non-lethal tear gas grenades but some protestors are unfazed with one saying he will fight with tears and blood as his World War One dad once did.

LAX Passenger Detained
LAX Passenger Detained
Credit: International Airport Review
By: Miguel Morales | Mar. 27, 2023

A Delta Airlines passenger was detained at LAX after allegedly opening the emergency door of the plane he was on.

Captain Karla Rodriguez of the Los Angeles Airport Police said in a statement to KTLA that the plane was moving away from the gate and preparing to takeoff to Seattle on Saturday morning  when the passenger opened the door and caused the deployment of the emergency slide.

Rodriguez also said that the passenger is currently under investigation and the FBI  has been notified about the incident.

No injuries of passengers were reported and Rodriguez said they were all disembarked to continue their trip to Seattle.

Nielsen Sued
Nielsen Sued
Credit: Nielsen
By: Miguel Morales | Mar. 27, 2023

Former employee -- Armida Marquez-- is suing Nielson Company for alleged Labor Code violations.

Marquez, who worked for the company from 2018 till 2022, alleges that during her time there multiple employees were asked to work extra hours without being compensated for it.

In her lawsuit -she also says that Nielsen did not pay the employees the amount they were entitled to for missing personal time such as meals and their rest breaks or even reimburse them on out-of-pocket business expenses.

Marquez goes as far as alleging that Nielsen implemented policies that prohibited an employee's ability to accurately record their actual time worked.

In the suit --Marquez is requesting to be paid back wages with interest for the violations stating the management should have known they were responsible to pay all wages in a timely manner.

Allen Lazard New Deal
Allen Lazard New Deal
Credit: Dan Powers and USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin
By: Matthew Bragulla | Mar. 17, 2023

Allen Lazard is joining the city where dreams are made of after signing a 4-year-deal with the New York Jets.

The deal is worth 44 dollars and Lazard will be the team's newest wide receiver.

Originally from Iowa - he expressed his desire to play for a big city in an interview over zoom.

Lazard may also see his former GreenBay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers soon, who is currently pursuing New York at this time.

The teams have yet to sort out the details on Rodgers' trade.

American Made Whiskey Soars in Popularity
American Made Whiskey Soars in Popularity
Credit: Total Wine and Getty Images
By: Sade Richardson | Mar. 17, 2023

American-made whiskey is soaring in sales--with nearly an 11 percent growth over last year to 51 billion dollars.

Small distilleries where people can sample the liquor have become more attractive as it introduces more consumers to American Whiskey--building excitement for new brands.

  Cofounder of the Westland Distillery-- Matt Hofmann compares Irish to American whiskey and says that the Irish option is very elegant and approachable while American-made whiskeys are bolder in taste.

Dallas Zoo Theft
Dallas Zoo Theft
Credit: Dallas Zoo
By: Leah Villalpando | Mar. 17, 2023

A man is being indicted on felony burglary charges after the alleged theft of two tamarin monkeys.

Davion Irvin was charged in relation to the suspected theft of the two monkeys in late January -- as well as the disappearance of a clouded leopard in mid-January.

The leopard was found near its habitat but had escaped through a cut that Irvin allegedly made.

Two days before his arrest the monkeys were found unharmed in the closet of his Dallas home.

Irvin is now facing six misdemeanor counts of non-livestock animal cruelty and is being held in a Dallas County Jail with a bond set at 130,000 dollars

Meta Announces Paid Verification
Meta Announces Paid Verification
Credit: The Economic Times
By: Leah Villalpando | Mar. 17, 2023

If you've ever wanted the blue check mark next to your name on Instagram or Facebook you will soon be able to get it for $14.99 a month.

Meta began testing a paid verification option for U.S users of the platforms and the company plans to roll it out over the next few weeks.

The new feature will provide extra protection from impersonation accounts and give people direct access to customer service.

To get verified users will need to be over 18 and provide a government ID matching their profile name and picture.

The service will start at $11.99 a month on the web and $14.99 a month for mobile.

Finland is One Step Closer to Joining NATO
Finland is One Step Closer to Joining NATO
Credit: Kutsal Lenger
By: Cesia Lopez | Mar. 17, 2023

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan agrees to start ratifying Finland's application to NATO.

The announcement was made alongside Finnish President Sauli Niinisto who visited Turkey's capital.

Both Finland and Sweden applied to become members of NATO last year, at the heels of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

The applications were well-received by almost all of NATO's leaders but NATO's rules require that all 30 members agree unanimously in order to expand.

President Erdogan had accused both Finland and Sweden of being too lenient on terrorist organizations.

However he said that Finland has taken concrete steps to address these concerns.

With Erdogan's blessing Finland's application can move forward in the process of becoming a NATO member.

Missouri Sheriff Arrested
Missouri Sheriff Arrested
Credit: CNN
By: Jocelyn Perez | Mar. 17, 2023

A Missouri sheriff, two deputies, and the father of a child had all been charged for allegedly plotting a parental kidnapping on Thursday.

Missouri state Highway Patrol arrested Iron County Sherriff Jeff Burkett, deputies Mathew Cozad and Chase Breshnan, along with the father of the child, Donald Gaston.

Official documents charge Gaston with an attempt to kidnap his daughter after an argument with the child's mother.

The Sheriff and deputies are suspected of tracking the mother's whereabouts through her cellphone.

Ultimately, all four men were charged with criminal street gang activity because the alleged crime was organized.

Burkett's lawyer alleges that the charges are politically motivated.

He says it was the continuation of a long gestating effort to remove this sheriff from office.

Reusable Water Bottles Might Not Be So Clean Afterall
Reusable Water Bottles Might Not Be So Clean Afterall
By: Lupita Baltazar | Mar. 17, 2023

Reusable water bottles hold 40,000 time more bacteria than toilet seats says a study.

Researchers found two types of bacteria which were gram-negative rods and bacillus.

Bacillus can lead to gastrointestinal issues.

Therefore, reusable water bottles had 14-times the bacteria of pet water bowl and five times that found on a computer mouse16% of Gen Z clean their water bottles the least only few times a month.

And more than 60% of study respondents say they washed their bottles once or more per day.

A study says that experts suggest washing a reusable water bottle once a day and sanitizing it at least once a week. 


Photo Credit: amazon.com

Donald Trump's Account on YouTube Is Restored
Donald Trump's Account on YouTube Is Restored
By: Randy Flores | Mar. 17, 2023

Former President Donald Trump's YouTube channel has been restored by media giant after it was suspended following the January 6th attack on the US Capitol.

The move comes after Twitter and Facebook parent company, Meta, also restored his account in the past couple of months.

However, Trump has yet to return on any of those platforms.

YouTube says it took into account the risk of real-world violence but is aware voters need to hear an equal balance of candidates in an upcoming election.

As of now Trump continues to exclusively use his own media platform, Truth Social, and has announced his run for the presidency in 2024.


Photo Credit: The Telegraph

Ticketmaster Is In Trouble Again...But For Drake's Concert Now
Ticketmaster Is In Trouble Again...But For Drake's Concert Now
By: Quinn Hettich | Mar. 16, 2023

Neither 21 nor Ticketmaster could do anything for disgruntled fans hoping to see Drake's upcoming "It's All A Blur" tour.

Drake's the type of guy to advertise tickets at $70 when they are actually Starting From the Bottom, 200 to 400.

Only those who left no Money in the Grave and Hotline Bling get to Toosie Slide and have One Dance to Passionfruit at the concert.

The majority of fans however feel Yebba's Heartbreak, have Trust Issues, and may Laugh Now, but will definitely Cry Later. 


Photo Credit: Ticketmaster

New Arrest in Orlando for the Microsoft Executive Murder Case
New Arrest in Orlando for the Microsoft Executive Murder Case
By: Sean Frederick | Mar. 16, 2023

The second husband of Bridegan's ex-wife, Mario Fernandez was arrested Thursday morning in Orlando Florida and is being charged with conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, among other charges.

Henry Tenon, the handyman that killed Bridegan admitted to Fernandez's role in the murder as part of a plea agreement.

Tenon was charged with second-degree murder and other charges about two months ago.

He ambushed and shot Bridegan when he stepped out of his car to remove a tire from the road.

He was shot in front of his two-year-old daughter.

According to law enforcement sources, Shanna Gardner-Fernandez remains a suspect in the killing.


Photo Credit: People

Women's World Cup Is Getting More Fund For Prize Money
Women's World Cup Is Getting More Fund For Prize Money
By: Beatriz Barros Felice | Mar. 16, 2023

Women's World Cup is now offering more money as prizes for this year's championship.

The fund for the now 32-team competition is at $152 Million.

This money is given to cover prize money, team preparation, and payments to players' clubs.

FIFA president, Gianni Infantino, says that $110 Million from the total should go to players' paychecks.

However, the tournament is not having only good news, since the pay from Women's Cup is smaller than the Men's Cup in Qatar last year.

FIFA officially announced that the competition this year in Australia and New Zealand will not be sponsored by Saudi Arabian tourism authorities since there was some backlash due to the government's record on women's rights.

The Chief Executive from Australian soccer federation said equality, diversity, and inclusion are serious commitments on the country's football and that they will keep working with FIFA to shape the Women's World Cup with all these values.

Another problem the tournament is facing is the lack of TV interest and payments to cover the event compared to the Men's World Cup.


Photo Credit: Sporting News

CalTrans  Is Offering Money For Those Affected By Potholes
CalTrans Is Offering Money For Those Affected By Potholes
By: Alejandro Perez | Mar. 16, 2023

This program can reward drivers up to $10,000 and a claim can be made through the agency.

Authorities say, for example, more than 30 vehicles were badly damaged on the 71 freeway in Pomona this week.

Each report must include the county where the incident happened,  and any claims over the exceeding amount should be submitted to the Government Claims Program.


Photo Credit: LA Times

Banks Are Trying To Stop An Incoming Crisis
Banks Are Trying To Stop An Incoming Crisis
By: Marc Monroy | Mar. 16, 2023

Eleven of the biggest banks in the country announced a $30 Billion rescue package for First Republic Bank on Thursday.

It's an effort to prevent the California-based bank from becoming the third bank to fail in less than a week.

First republic has a similar client as Silicon Valley Bank, which failed after depositors withdrew about $40 Billion in a matter of hours.

A group of banks issued a statement confirming other banks had seen similar withdrawals.

This issue is causing a massive hit in the stock market with some reporting a 60% drop in shares even after JPMorgan and the Federal Reserve helped fund the banks after the massive rush in withdrawals.

The rescue package is very similar to the one done before the 2008 crash when a lot of banks came together to support each other during the crisis. 


Photo Credit: ABC News

Star Trek Series Changes Language Rating In The Series
Star Trek Series Changes Language Rating In The Series
By: Warren Lopez | Mar. 16, 2023

A clean spoken Star Trek character, Jean Luc Picard drops his first ever F-bomb,  and fans are talking online.

The latest episode of Star Trek Picard shows Patrick Stewart's character in an intense conversation, saying "Ten effing long hours."

Some fans believe the sudden swearing represents the franchise moving from broadcast to streaming.

Others are saying the change is out of character and ruins Gene Roddenbury's vision for the show.

Stewart adlibbed the F-bomb and showrunner Terry Matalas says it felt more realistic.

Regardless of what fans are saying, Patrick Stewart has the final frontier.


Photo Credit: Space.com

Mobile Sports Betting Is Allowed in 33 States and the District of Columbia
Mobile Sports Betting Is Allowed in 33 States and the District of Columbia
By: Carolina Tello | Mar. 16, 2023

As some states shy away from mobile betting others are slowly introducing online sport betting apps.

Not only Ohio is hosting the first round of the Men's NCAA basket ball tournament, traffic is booming as fans start to legally bet online.

Other states introducing betting apps are Kansas, Massachusetts, and Maryland.

Since allowing sport betting nearly five years ago, up to 33 states and the District of Columbia offer sport wagering.

Some states like California, Texas, and Florida lack mobile sports betting. 


Photo Credit: WBAL -TV

Kellogg brand shifts names to Kellanova
Kellogg brand shifts names to Kellanova
Credit: Cheez-it, Pringles
By: Ally Najera | Mar. 15, 2023

The beloved Kellogg brand has renamed its new spinoff companies.

The unit which has Cheez-its -- Pringles -- international cereal brands -- and plant based foods will now be known as 'Kellanova.'

The North American cereal chain that famously sells Frosted Flakes and Froot Loops will be W-K Kellogg Company.

Per last year's announcement -- the company will not be splitting into three different branches.

A third company to use plant-based foods will not proceed.

Kellogg has chosen to focus on more profitable products.

The company's future C-E-O Steve Cahillane says the new names resembles their brands 'next chapter.'

Logo designs for the names are also fairly similar to the orginal signature.

Bernd Schmitt -- a professor at Columbia University it is difficult to create new - good names.

More information on these changes will be made in the upcoming months.

New Favorite Dog Breed in America!
New Favorite Dog Breed in America!
Credit: Kelli, Gator Kennels Marketing Manager
By: Lyssandra Vera | Mar. 15, 2023

Calling all dog-lovers!

The Labrador retriever has been removed from the top of America's list for most popular dog for the first time in 31 years.

The one who sits in first place is French Bulldog.

This French Bulldog has been steadily climbing the American Kennel Club boards for the past few decades.

According to the A-K-C, many love this breed because they are typically a small size along with a calm personality. 

Kobe Bryant Cemented Into LA
Kobe Bryant Cemented Into LA
Credit: Handout Getty Images
By: Jesse Barrientos | Mar. 15, 2023

Lakers Legend Kobe Bryant's handprints and footprints will be revealed today at noon in the forecourt of the T-C-L Chinese Theatre.

Kobe was the first athlete to get his his hands and feet  imprinted in cement 12 years ago.

His imprints were kept in storage since February 19th 2011 when he first imprinted his hands and feet in the wet cement.

Lakers Governor Jeanie Buss and former Laker Player and Coach Bryon Scott will speak at the ceremony today.

Kyle Chrisley Arrested
Kyle Chrisley Arrested
Credit: Ashley Hume - YAHOO!News
By: Dimitri Maurry | Mar. 15, 2023

Chrisley Knows Best star Kyle Chrisley was arrested in Tennessee for aggravated assault.

The incident happened on Monday at the 32-year-old's job -- Penske Truck Rental in Smyrna --- located south of Nashville.

The physical altercation involved him and his supervisor and Chrisley pulled a fixed blade during the event.

Chrisley's bond is set at 3-thousand dollars.

He's been transported to Rutherford County Adult Detention Center.

The arrest comes almost two months after is father -- Todd and his mother Julie Chrisley were sentenced to prison after being accused of defrauding Georgia banks of 30-million dollars in personal loans.

The couple were found guilty of fraud, tax evasion and conspiracy to defraud the U-S. 

Latest News Of The Free Agency on NFL 2023
Latest News Of The Free Agency on NFL 2023
By: Jake Dodd | Mar. 15, 2023

The 2023 NFL League Year has begun and free agency has stirred the pot quite a bit.

Quarterback, Derek Carr, packed his bags and went from the Raiders to the Saints.

Niners QB Jimmy Garapollo went to the Raiders.

Some teams locked up their captains as the Seahawks resigned Geno Smith and the Giants resigned Daniel Jones.

The elephant in the quarterback room is of course, Aaron Rodgers, who has yet to make a decision but the Jets are currently the favorites.

The number one ranked free agent, defensive end, Javon Hargrave is headed to the Bay as he signs a four year deal with the 49ers.

Rams All Pro Cornerback, Jalen Ramsey was shipped off to the Dolphins and the Chargers gave their star runningback, Austin Eckler, permission to seek a trade. 


Photo Credit: Adweek

Harry Potter Studio Tour is Going To Tokyo
Harry Potter Studio Tour is Going To Tokyo
By: Beatriz Barros Felice | Mar. 15, 2023

Potterheads, pack up your bags.

Warner Bros. is taking Hogwarts to Tokyo, Japan.

A New Harry Potter studio tour is being constructed in the Japanese capital, being the first outside the United Kingdom.

Fans are welcomed in the tour already on this summer, where they can walk around the Diagon Alley and Platform 9 ¾ and check out props and clothing items from the movies.

Warner Bros' president of worldwide studio operations, Jeff Nagler, says that Japan is the perfect place for a second location due to being one of the top markets and potentially being a gateway to widen the Asian audience.

The giant production film company says that they intend to take full advantage of these popular franchises across as many platforms as they can.


Photo Credit: London Perfect

Mexico Is A Popular Location For Medical Tourism
Mexico Is A Popular Location For Medical Tourism
By: Alex Fodor | Mar. 15, 2023

Medical tourism is becoming more and more popular amongst Americans.

US citizens are travelling internationally in hopes of more affordable medical care.

Mexico is one of the most popular locations for medical tourism globally.

Millions of people travel there every year for cheaper medical costs.

The problem is, violence against American tourists is on the rise.

Four Americans were kidnapped last week while in Mexico for surgery.

Two of them were killed after the tourist vehicle was the target of a shooting.

Health officials are now warning travelers to be careful and seek trustworthy medical care.


Photo Credit: ESL library

Former Envoy Air Service Clerk Sues Former Airline Due to Wrong Termination
Former Envoy Air Service Clerk Sues Former Airline Due to Wrong Termination
By: Quinn Hettich | Mar. 14, 2023

A woman who was fired for telling a manager that he was not very skilled at his job is suing for alleged discrimination, harassment, breach of contract and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Faatima Saleema Floyd worked as an Envoy Air service clerk at LAX and says she was allegedly rushed by multiple managers to complete safety checks throughout her employment.

The airline's lawyers say she was fired for insubordination, and although Floyd admits to cursing at her manager, the lawsuit is being presented before the LA Superior Court.

The suit is active since December 13th. 


Photo Credit: AtYourGate

Meta Is Laying Off More Employees
Meta Is Laying Off More Employees
By: Michael Narciso | Mar. 14, 2023

The social media pioneer Meta is set to let go of 10,000 jobs after the company announced 13% of job cuts to its workforce back in November of 2022.

Meta and other tech companies have been hiring aggressively over the last two years as well as letting go of workers in recent months.

Last month, Meta posted its falling profits causing a third consecutive quarter of declining revenue.

The company says it plans to reduce the size of its recruiting team and further cuts will be made in its tech groups in April, following up with business groups in May.

Meta has put billions of dollars to readjust its focus on the metaverse but says a downturn in online advertisement from rivals have weighed on results.


Photo Credit:  The Verge

FIFA Extends World Cup Group Stages
FIFA Extends World Cup Group Stages
By: Alex Fodor | Mar. 14, 2023

FIFA is planning to expand the 2026 world cup soccer tournament that will be held in North America.

This expansion is the second after only 6 years since the first, and it will make the groups phase longer by staging a 48 team event.

Each group stage will be made up of 4 teams instead of 3, creating a 104 game schedule.

The tournament will last 6 weeks and will include 16 host cities in the US, Canada and Mexico altogether.

The expansion will also add 1.5 million tickets and bump revenue to at least $11 Billion. 


Photo Credit: Ipsos

Former Beverly Hills High School Supervisor's Lawsuit Reaches An Settlement
Former Beverly Hills High School Supervisor's Lawsuit Reaches An Settlement
By: Randy Flores | Mar. 14, 2023

A construction supervisor hired for a project for Beverly Hills High School settled his lawsuit against his former employer ProWest.

William Lora filed the suit alleging wrongful termination, racial discrimination and other claims.

Lora claimed that he had lesser treatment as compared to his white co-workers.

He was shocked when fired because the company never spoke to him about his performance.

The lawsuit was settled but no further details were given.

The company claimed Lora was not entitled to damages and deny liability. 


Photo Credit: Beverly Hills High School

President Biden Orders Better Background Checks For Gun Purchases
President Biden Orders Better Background Checks For Gun Purchases
By: Justin Borses | Mar. 14, 2023

President Biden signed an executive order today which will increase the number of background checks needed to buy a gun.

He continues to advocate for an assault weapons ban after being emboldened by the midterm election results.

The President is still working with existing legislation enacted by Congress last summer, when passed it was seen as the most impactful gun violence bill in decades.

Today's new executive order will direct federal agencies in following current laws and procedures while law enforcement increases their reporting of ballistic data. 


Photo Credit: CNN

Spotify Announces AI DJ
Spotify Announces AI DJ
Credit: Bloomberg via Getty Images
By: Tashi Rios | Mar. 13, 2023

Grab your speakers! Spotify has rebranded their home feed to look like social media and is including the first AI DJ.

The feature will bring a personalized playlist with Xavier Jernigan who is Spotify's Head of Cultural Partnerships-- and now voice of the AI DJ.

The home feed will be filled with content from top artists and creators plus new singers to discover.

It's described as A TikTok style when you flip through and find snippets of different songs.

Spotify is also introducing Countdown Pages where fans will get a notification when the single or album is released and can instantly save it.

The final new feature is called Clips that are 30-second videos of artists giving a message to fans about anything they want to share.

Spotify announced the upcoming changes at the event called Stream On that took place earlier this month in Downtown L-A.

Fake Judge Scams Oxnard Man
Fake Judge Scams Oxnard Man
Credit: Bill Oxford- Unsplash
By: Juan Ballon | Mar. 13, 2023

The Ventura County District Attorney's Office reports that a woman from Oxnard plead guilty to grand theft after she identified herself as a judge to scam a victim out of ten-thousand dollars.

The woman was identified as 62-year-old Teresa Roblez Boyzo .

The D-A says she told a man she could help with legal matters for a fee in 2019 but Boyzo is not a judge and she's not licensed to practice law.

Boyzo is scheduled to be sentenced on April 11th.

Chicago Bears Trade
Chicago Bears Trade
Credit: Bob Donnan- USA Today
By: Jenilee Borek | Mar. 13, 2023

The Chicago Bears -- who owned the first pick have traded it to the Carolina Panthers.

In return -- the Bears received wide receiver DJ Moore - and they'll have the 9th pick in the first round this year --  the 61st pick in the second round this year -- a 2024 first-round pick and a 2025 second-round pick.

Chicago already has its signal-caller in Justin Fields -- who many think will end up being their franchise quarterback for years to come.

This gives the Panthers a chance to pick their next leader after hiring Frank Reich as their new head coach.

The Bears were saying they were open to trading the pick ever since they cliched it in week 18 -- with a loss to the Minnesota Vikings.

Fields had a breakout season in 2022 -- setting the NFL record for most rushing yards by a quarterback in a regular season game with 178.

He's also the third quarterback in NFL history to reach 1000 rushing yards in the regular season. The Bears will now focus on putting playmakers around him and adding core pieces to the defense.

Jalen Ramsey Is Traded to Miami Dolphins
Jalen Ramsey Is Traded to Miami Dolphins
By: Cooper Ignation | Mar. 13, 2023

The Rams have traded All-pro cornerback Jalen Ramsey to the Miami Dolphins.

Ramsey was traded for a third round pick and tight end Hunter Long.

The Dolphins have already guaranteed Ramsey's contract for the next two seasons after the trade was completed.

It was also reported that the star corner got an additional $25 Million  as part of the trade.

His contract will average $20 Million over the final two years.

Last offseason, the Dolphins went all out and traded for star receiver Tyreke Hill.

It's clear that Miami's front office is trying to be aggressive for the second year in a row.


Photo Credit: NBC Sports

Biden Approves Willow Project in Alaska
Biden Approves Willow Project in Alaska
By: Cooper Ignation | Mar. 13, 2023

Earlier this Monday, President Biden approved a major oil and gas drilling project in Alaska.

What will be known as the Willow project,  is being backed by oil company, ConocoPhillips, who say the pipeline will create thousands of jobs.

Youth activists have taken to social media to protest the proposal, due to the effects on how it can impact climate and wildlife.

More than one million letters have been sent to the White House to combat against the project.

The pipeline will be located in the Northern Slope of Alaska, and could produce up to 180,000 barrels of oil daily.

All three lawmakers who represent Alaska in congress pushed for the approval of the project, and said that this can help the country be less reliant on foreign oil. 


Photo Credit: Alaska Public Media

California Minimum Wage Might Go Up To $18 Per Hour
California Minimum Wage Might Go Up To $18 Per Hour
By: Beatriz Barros Felice | Mar. 13, 2023

California might raise the state's minimum wage to$18 per hour.

CA residents will be able to vote on this matter in 2024 after an initiative named, Living Wage Act of 2022, meet the requirements to be in the next year's ballot by the secretary of state.

If this change is approved, this will be the second highest in nation minimum wage.

The last increase was in 2022 due to inflation as a baseline.

This year, the minimum wage started at $15.50 per hour.

If the initiative pass, the new minimum wage goes to $17 immediately and would raise it to $18 in 2025.

According to the US Census Bureau, around 37 municipalities exceeds the current minimum wage in different amounts.

The ballot voting to decide on the appliance on the Living Wage Act's increases will happen on November 4th, 2024.


Photo Credit: UPI

The Coronavirus Pandemic Update After 3 Years Since Breakout
The Coronavirus Pandemic Update After 3 Years Since Breakout
By: Tashi Rios | Mar. 13, 2023

Three years ago on March 11th the World Health Organization called the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

And to this day,  the virus is still spreading.

With the help of vaccines, most people have resumed to normal living but the death toll is about seven million worldwide. 

Doctor Eric Topol says the virus can change to even more transmissible and even more deadly.

John Hopkins University shut down its tracker since information is starting to phase out.

U-S officials are trying to adjust and move a new system to somewhat how the C-D-C follows the flu. 


Photo Credit: Forbes

Pfizer Buys Seagen Incorporation For Cancer Treatments Access
Pfizer Buys Seagen Incorporation For Cancer Treatments Access
By: Ally Najera | Mar. 13, 2023

Pfizer, the pharmaceutical giant is spending $43 Billion to access cancer treatments.

The new cancer drugs will help to target cells and save healthy body tissue.

The company say they will pay $229 cash, for each share.

Contents of the Seagan antibody drug include lab-made proteins.

Currently Seagan has four treatments, which will potentially help lung cancer and advanced breast cancer.

This business transaction is expected to be completed in late 2023 to 2024 as cancer treatments continue to be a priority for Pfizer.


Photo Credit: Reuters

Fox Programs May be in Trouble
Fox Programs May be in Trouble
Credit: Fox
By: Jenilee Borek | Mar. 10, 2023

Court documents in the libel lawsuit against Fox News are revealing more about how network executives played a role in politics in 2020.

Dominion Voting Systems filed the suit because they claim Fox News promoted conspiracy theories about the company in regard to the 2020 election.

Now -- thousands of pages of documents released this week are showing how the mainly conservative network promoted certain candidates and policies -- while slamming others.

Emails from Fox News founder -- Rupert Murdoch -- show he gave instructions to people at Fox News about how they should cover certain candidates and issues.

One email he sent said former President Donald Trump and Congressman Mitch McConnel needed help to stop West Virginia Republicans from nominating Don Blankenship.

Murdoch wrote that Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham should dump on him.

The documents provide more examples similar to this -- and it challenges Fox News' journalistic credibility.

Instead of reporting political news and having opinion shows about politics -- these documents prove how the network became actively involved by slanting their coverage.

Silicon Valley Bank in Ruins
Silicon Valley Bank in Ruins
Credit: Silicon Valley Bank
By: Matthew Bragulla | Mar. 10, 2023

Silicon Valley Bank completely fell apart after 48 hours, marking the largest shutdown of a U-S bank since Washington Mutual collapsed in 2008.

The financial institution that was once worth 209-billion dollars has struck down by rising interest rates and sinking venture capital.

It was forced to sell one-point-seventy-five billion dollars in shares to compensate for plummeting deposits and premarket trading.

This isn't the only bank that's suffering right now - - banks stocks from First Republic, PacWest Bancorp, and Signature bank were halted on Friday as well.

Banker Gets 10 Years
Banker Gets 10 Years
Credit: AP/Bebeto Matthews
By: Dimitri Maurry | Mar. 10, 2023

A former Goldman Sachs banker was sentenced to 10 years in prison for his involvement in looting a Malaysian sovereign wealth fund of billions of dollars.

Roger Ng was convicted in April 2022 by the U-S District Court jury in Brooklyn -- though he continuously denied the charges that he conspired to launder money and violated two anti-bribery laws.

Ng and his co-conspirators assisted in funding the Malaysian fund known as one-M-D-B, raising 6-point-5 billion dollars through bond sales -- while working on a scheme to transfer two-thirds of the money to pay for bribes and kickbacks.

The fund was used for financing lavish parties, a superyacht, premium real estate and the 2013 film "The Wolf of Wall Street."

Adidas Struggles to Get Rid of Yeezys
Adidas Struggles to Get Rid of Yeezys
Credit: Adidas Yeezy
By: Randy Flores | Mar. 10, 2023

Last October Adidas broke off an almost decade long partnership with rapper Kanye West after his repeated anti-semitic comments on social media.

The decision could create a potential loss of 5-hundred-27 million dollars for the company if they have to write off Yeezy branded items.

The initial plan was for Adidas to sell the Yeezy line but stripped off branding.

However, CEO Bjorn Gulden is eyeing other options that minimize damage like donations but says that could carry risks like being resold at a higher price into the market because of the status of the brand. 

Elderly Man Survives Snowstorm in Car
Elderly Man Survives Snowstorm in Car
Credit: California Highway Patrol
By: Sean Frederick | Mar. 10, 2023

Jerry Jouret- an 81-year-old man believed he could beat an approaching snow storm.

He left his mountain home in Big Pine California to return to his family home in Gardnerville Nevada.

Jouret veered off the road and got his S-U-V stuck.

The man was not prepared for the weather.

He had only a light windbreaker -- a light quilt -- and a hotel bath towel in his car to keep him warm as temperatures plummeted to the 30s.

Jouret conserved gas in his car to warm up the inside periodically and to open the window to eat snow.

The California Highway Patrol received a cell phone ping on March second and located Jouret in his car.

He was transported to the hospital and was discharged that night with surprisingly normal vitals.

Alaska Earthquakes Might Lead A Volcano To Eruption
Alaska Earthquakes Might Lead A Volcano To Eruption
By: Beatriz Barros Felice | Mar. 10, 2023

Alaska is now seeing consequences for the swarm of earthquakes that has been shaking the land for the past weeks.

A remote volcano that has been dormant for over a century is now getting intensified action and it could lead to eruption.

On Tuesday, the Alaska Volcano Observatory released an alert for the Tanaga Volcano,  after several earthquakes were reported per minute in the area, each of them being under 2.75 in magnitude.

A research geophysicist from the US Geological Survey, John Power, says that volcanos are irregular, so they do not know where this high activity will end up.

The Tanaga is located in an uninhabited island, but the city of Adak is 65 miles away and its 170 residents could see ashfall.

If it erupts, the most dangerous consequence would be to aircrafts as its location is below routes between North America and Asia.

Tanaga was reported erupting twice in the late 1700s, once in 1829 and the last time was in 1914.


Photo credit: Wikipedia

Shooting on German Church Leaves 7 Dead
Shooting on German Church Leaves 7 Dead
By: Justin Borses | Mar. 10, 2023

Seven people were killed in a shooting last night at a Jehovah's Witness Church in Germany.

Police say the gunman took his own life and he was the only attacker.

Referred to only as Philipp F., authorities say that he had anger towards the religious community and was a previous member of the church.

Another eight people were injured as video shows Phillipp firing through a window of the hall.

A soon to be mother who was seven months pregnant lost her unborn child.

Police had previously gotten an anonymous tip about the shooter's mental health, but didn't have enough evidence to remove the gun licence from his possession.


Photo Credit: Washington Times

Hospital in Cite Soleil Temporarily Closed Due To Gang Violence
Hospital in Cite Soleil Temporarily Closed Due To Gang Violence
By: Warren Lopez | Mar. 9, 2023


Doctors Without Borders had to temporarily close a hospital's doors after a rise in gang violence.

Over a dozen people were left dead in the past weeks.

The Cite Soleil slum in Port au Prince has seen frequent gang clashes.

Puerto Rico officials report many stray rounds hit the hospital, making it impossible for patients to check in.

The hospital is not the only place affected, as more than 60 people were killed and dozens kidnapped.

As gangs continue to fight for territory, the Prime Minister, Ariel Henry, requested foreign troops to protect the country. 

Photo Credit: Bunbury Herald

March Madness Is Coming Up Soon
March Madness Is Coming Up Soon
By: Alejandro Perez | Mar. 9, 2023

With Selection Sunday coming up schools on the bubble are making their last push in their conference tournaments to even be considered for a chance to compete in the madness.

A total of 68 teams will compete in the tourney.

Games are laid out all across the country with the Sweet 16 in Las Vegas, New York, Kansas, Missouri, and Louisville.

The Final Four will take place in Houston on April 1st and 3rd.

The favorites to win it all are Alabama, Kansas, Purdue, and Houston.


Photo Credit: Sporting News

Parents Participate on Behavior Survey and Fail At Lying
Parents Participate on Behavior Survey and Fail At Lying
By: Carolina Tello | Mar. 9, 2023

A survey of 580 US parents says that 25.9% of them reported being misrepresented in one of seven behaviors.

A total of 24% of parents failed the most common behavior, such as lying, by not telling people around them that their child had COVID.

And 21% of parents said they let their child break quarantine rules.

A team of researchers conducting the survey came from universities in Iowa, Utah , Colorado, Connecticut, and the UK.

The study says the reason most parents broke those rules was to practice personal freedom as a parent. 


Photo Credit: CBS News

California is Still Flooding
California is Still Flooding
Credit: CNN
By: Beatriz Barros Felice | Mar. 8, 2023

All of the state of California is still trying to recover from the rain and snow storms -- but officials are warning residents to prepare for a powerful storm coming up later this week.

About 16 million people are under flood watches in central and northern California due to a storm set to happen on Thursday in places already filled with a large amount of heavy snow from previous storms.

The Weather Prediction Center says that with the new rain -- and the snow melting -- the chance of flooding is very high.

Marin and Monterey counties have started to advise and help residents and businesses to stock up to two weeks.

Sandbags are also being offered to help people protect their homes.

Fire Chief --Jason Weber -- from Marin County says that the Fire Department will have staff prepared for rescues beforehand.

The county is best known for its urban searches and rescue task forces.

As of now -- rescues -- well-checks and community outreaches are still a daily task for crews in San Bernadino County.

"The Challenge" Film
"The Challenge" Film
Credit Ramil Sitdikov - TASS via Getty Images
By: Ally Najera | Mar. 8, 2023

Russian film makers sent a professional film crew to make the movie, "The Challenge" -- in space!

Recently, space has opened the floor to business -- tourism and now apparently feature films.

The project that was filmed in the course of 12 days in October 20-21 has just given viewers an inside look.

Actors in the film provided audition tapes and underwent medical -- psychological and physical tests.

The procedures served as proof the actors could handle the demands of space travel.

Now the first clips from the trailer shares the movie's plot that feels more authentic-- given that the setting is real.

The storyline includes a surgeon who has to perform heart surgery on someone in space -- the individual who will be portrayed by an actual cosmonaut.

Russia's space agency says the film will give popularity to the country's space activities and show appreciation for cosmonauts.

"The Challenge" will launch on April 12th.

New Vegan Reeses
New Vegan Reeses
Credit: The Hershey's Company
By: Daniel Herrera | Mar. 8, 2023

Hersheys can do it all.

Two new dairy-free products have been announced which will include Reese's plant-based peanut butter cups and vegan chocolate Hershey bars.

These vegan chocolate choices are made with oats instead of dairy and will be designed to taste like milk chocolate.

Although Hersheys may be late to the vegan chocolate game, their alternatives to milk chocolate have a better chance of setting its products apart from others in the market.

These delicious healthy snacks are set to arrive in April. 

UEFA Issuing Refunds
UEFA Issuing Refunds
Credit: Sky News
By: Jake Dodd | Mar. 8, 2023

The UEFA plans to issue refunds to all Liverpool fans who had tickets for the 20-22 Champions League Final in Paris.

Last year's final had a 35 minute delay after Liverpool fans struggled to enter the Stade de France (Stah-de-France) and the French police used tear gas on supporters while they were in tightly packed areas.

U-K Member of Parliment--Ian Bryne--was at the event and described it as one of the most horrendous experiences of his life.

Tony Winterburn--a partner at Pogust Goodhead-- the law firm running the case against UEFA on behalf of Liverpool fan-- said the refund scheme is insufficient compensation to what the fans experienced.The legal case is still progressing.

California Gets Storm Relief
California Gets Storm Relief
Credit: KABC
By: Justin Borses | Mar. 8, 2023

Relief is finally arriving for residents in San Bernadino as clean up crews are working to clear roads that have been closed for more than a week.

Caltrans is helping to make roads easier to drive on--including highways 18, 330 and 189.

Those roads are now open without a police escort.

Volunteers and local churches have been offering assistance--as well as the National Guard.

In order to get into the mountain communities-- people must show proof of residency and photo ID's

Gorvernor Newsom Has A New Plan for his State of the State Speech
Gorvernor Newsom Has A New Plan for his State of the State Speech
By: Beatriz Barros Felice | Mar. 7, 2023

California Governor, Gavin Newsom,  won't be delivering his State of the State speech this year.

He says that due to his dyslexia, reading from the teleprompter can be frustrating so he will go on a four-day statewide tour and talk major policy goals in an informal setting.

His biggest policy goal in 2023 is to pass a law penalizing big oil companies for profiting too high.

This speech is similar to the state of Union speech given by the president of the Congress every year, but it is a requirement from the California's Constitution that has its Governor report to the Legislature on the condition of the state.

For this year, he will write a letter to the Legislature as a way to fulfill his duties.

Even with his learning disability, Newsom has not slowed down as he gave two speeches in the beginning of the year: his second inaugural address and a hourslong budget briefing for reporters. 


Photo Credit: CNBC

The Pride Flag Will Fly over the LA County during Pride Month
The Pride Flag Will Fly over the LA County during Pride Month
By: Luis Morales | Mar. 7, 2023

A motion to allow LA County's facilities to fly the progress pride flag alongside the American and California flags is under consideration by the Board of Supervisors.

It would only fly during the month of June, which is recognized by many as Pride Month.

This comes as Huntington Beach's council voted to prevent displaying it on city property.

Daniel Quasar is the artist, and the flag features black and brown stripes meant to represent communities of color.

He says showing it at these facilities will provide support for LGBTQ+ communities.


Photo credit: ICT & health

Former UPS Driver Receives $5.5 Million After Filing Discrimination Complaints
Former UPS Driver Receives $5.5 Million After Filing Discrimination Complaints
By: Quinn Hettich | Mar. 7, 2023

Hardwork and wrongful termination pays off for a former UPS truck driver who filed hundreds of discrimination complaints.

Richard Galvan appeared before the LA Superior Court yesterday for a Whistleblower Retaliation Suit, and after short deliberation from the jury, walked away with almost $5.5 million.

He alleged that UPS cut back on his hours and discriminated against him due to an injury and his age.


Photo Credit: about UPS

U.S Meat Labels Change
U.S Meat Labels Change
Credit: Department of Food Science
By: Savanah Taylor | Mar. 6, 2023

On Monday, the Food and Drug Administration proposed a new requirement for made in the US labels for meats sold in grocery stores.

The new rule requires only animals born, raised, slaughtered, and processed in the US to wear the product of U.S label.

The current policy grants imported livestock and meat, brought to the U.S for further processing and packaging to wear the label.

The US Department of Agriculture says the new policies are in effort to gain a clearer understanding between consumers and meat manufacturers.

Ja Morant May not Return to the Court
Ja Morant May not Return to the Court
Credit: Associated Press- Matt Slocum
By: Cooper Ignation | Mar. 6, 2023

There is no timetable for Ja Morant's return to the Memphis Grizzlies.

Morant was not with the team in Los Angeles for the games against the Lakers and Clippers-- while the NBA investigates a social media post where Morant appeared to be holding a gun.

The all-star streamed the video on his Instagram account where he was holding the gun at a nightclub hours after playing in Denver against the Nuggets.

Morant said in a statement that he takes full responsibility for his actions-- and that he is going to take some time away to get help.

Meanwhile -- Colorado police is investigating if the player broke any laws in the state.

Booming Utah Faces a Water Crisis
Booming Utah Faces a Water Crisis
Credit: Associated Press
By: Alex Fodor | Mar. 6, 2023

The city of Saint George, in Utah has banned growing grass in front of businesses.

The regulation allows only 8-percent of home landscaping to involve grass.

Utah is a state that otherwise is allergic to rules and regulations from the government and it has the fastest growing metro area in the US for two years in a row.

The problem is Saint George is running out of water.

The Lake powell pipeline is a plan to bring needed water to southern Utah and it was proposed in 2006-- but has not been approved yet.

The lake powell reservoir--however -- is the countries second largest but has lost more than 150 feet since 2000.

5-Alarm Bronx Blaze
5-Alarm Bronx Blaze
Credit: CNN
By: Tashi Rios | Mar. 6, 2023

At least seven people were injured in a five-alarm fire in the Bronx of New York City yesterday morning.

Fire officials say it was caused by lithium-ion battery.

One civilian and energy service workers were injured with five firefighters receiving minor injuries.

Almost 200 firefighters were at the scene in which the fire started on the roof of a single level commercial building off of Grand Concourse and 1-hundred-eighty-first street.

The firefighters  arrived in under four minutes of the first call.

A bike burst into flames that most likely was using an illegal battery.

Firefighters are still on the site and will remain on it to make sure it doesn't escalate.

US Senators UN Probe
US Senators UN Probe
Credit: Local News 8
By: Ally Najera | Mar. 6, 2023

U.S senators committee want the United Nations to investigate Iran.

The country was revealed to have a network of secret torture centers last month.

The detention centers are allegedly used by the Iranian regime--in which they brutalize protestors.

The country's government is torturing its own civilians.

Abuse testimonies included electrocutions -- removal of nails -- lashings -- beatings -- broken limbs -- and sexual violence.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee says the Tehran community should be held accountable for these actions.

Tesla Cuts Prices
Tesla Cuts Prices
Credit: Reuters, Sam Mircovich
By: Justin Borses | Mar. 6, 2023

Tesla is drastically lowering their prices to make them eligible for tax credits in the U-S.

In January--the company reduced its cost by 20 percent--it's unrelated to the Electric Vehicle tax credit introduced in Biden's Inflation Reduction Act.

This has created a price war with other carmakers to lure more customers to buy their cars.

Elon Musk says that Tesla was receiving orders that doubled the rate of production.

Executives say that an E-V motor can be built without rare Earth metals because of the environmental risk of mining those minerals.

Trump Can Now be Sued
Trump Can Now be Sued
Credit: Chris Kleponis, Polaris, Bloomberg
By: Marc Monroy | Mar. 3, 2023

The Justice Department told a federal appeals court in Washington it **should** allow the lawsuits to move forward -- rejecting Trump's argument he is immune from claims.

Justice lawyers say the former president would not be protected if his words were found to have been an incitement of private violence.

The case is among many legal problems Trump is facing as he aims for another bid at the White House next year. 

Ohio Health Services
Ohio Health Services
Credit: Darlington Township
By: Randy Flores | Mar. 3, 2023

Pennsylvania's Darlington Township municipal building was filled with locals looking to get information about health screenings, chemical exposures and testing.

It sits over the border of East Palestine, Ohio-- where a train derailment led to the controlled release of toxic chemicals.

Residents of Darlington say the wind blew the smoke into their homes and coated their cars with ash.

However, the citizens of East Palestine were given the greenlight to return to their homes just a couple of days later.

The concern now is whether the water is safe to drink and the air is safe to breathe with some suffering from a cough, headaches and rashes.

Universal Music
Universal Music
Credit: Roman Tiraspolsky
By: Matthew Bragulla | Mar. 3, 2023

With high notes and even higher sales, Universal Music Group is proud of its booming 20-22 results.

Profit margins went up twenty-one-point-six-percent with strong music performances and publishing divisions.

The top artists and sellers for 20-22 included Taylor Swift, BTS, Olivia Rodrigo, and the "Encanto" soundtrack.

The large music company is also striving to come up with a new economic model for streaming-- saying that the current one now undervalues the contributions of artists.

Rebel Wilson banned Disneyland
Rebel Wilson banned Disneyland
Credit Getty Images
By: Dimitri Maurry | Mar. 3, 2023

Disneyland also known as the Happiest Place on Earth wasn't so happy with actress Rebel Wilson.

Wilson revealed on "The Daily Show" why she was banned for a month from the Anaheim theme park.

Though the bathroom selfie landed her on not-so-good terms with Disneyland -- the park did allow her to choose which month that she wanted to be future banned.

The "Pitch Pefect" star responded with June as that would be busy time for her.

Walgreens Abortion Pill
Walgreens Abortion Pill
Credit: Joe Raedle and Getty Images
By: Jenilee Borek | Mar. 3, 2023

Walgreens announced yesterday they won't sell an abortion pill in 20 states after being warned they'd face legal consequences if they did.

The pill is mifepristone and it's used in combination with misoprostol up until the 10th week of a pregnancy.

This is limiting access -- despite the fact that federal regulators finalized a rule in January that was intended to expand the availability of the drug -- allowing pharmacies like Walgreens to sell it as long as they were certified.

According to the Guttmacher Institute -- more than half of abortions in the U-S are done with pills instead of medical procedures.

The F-D-A has been loosening restrictions over the past 20-years -- and in late 20-21 they allowed it to be shipped by mail from pharmacies after being prescribed in telehealth appointments.

Twenty conservative-led states warned C-V-S and Walgreens they'd face legal action if they sent abortion pills by mail.

More than a dozen states have laws restricting abortion.

Walgreens says they'll only start dispensing the pills in states they're legally allowed to after they become certified.

A Bullet Train Between Southern California and Las Vegas Is On the Works
A Bullet Train Between Southern California and Las Vegas Is On the Works
By: Beatriz Barros Felice | Mar. 3, 2023

For all Southern California residents looking for a ride, I got some news for you.

Brightline West and the High-Speed Rail Labor Coalition is working on a $10 Billion project investment to build a bullet train that can take you to Las Vegas.

The transportation is anticipated to be completed by 2026 or 2027.

It would consist of a 218-mile system with trains reaching up to 200 miles per hour in a fully electric emission-free system.

This also comes in a manner to help reduce the amount on CO2 emissions from the three million cars that travels to Vegas.

Company officials hope that the train will relieve traffic in the Interstate 15.

The financial outcome for this project would be the production of 35-thousand jobs, get a return of over$10 Billion and it would create a thousand permanent jobs.

Travelers will pass through San Bernadino, Victor Valley, Hesperia, Apple Valley and Rancho Cucamonga before reaching Las Vegas. 


Photo Credit: Forbes

Maryland Mayor Resigned After Child Pornography Charges
Maryland Mayor Resigned After Child Pornography Charges
By: Justin Borses | Mar. 3, 2023

College Park Maryland Mayor Patrick Wojahn has resigned after being arrested on child pornography charges.

A commissioner of the Prince George County Department will decide whether he will be held indefinitely or if he will be released before the trial.

Denise Mitchell will serve as mayor of College Park until a special election is held. Wojahn had served the community on the City Council since 2007 and had been mayor since 2015. 

Maryland officals say that they are shocked and disturbed by the arrest and charges. 


Photo credit: CNN


PSG President Might Be Involved With Kidnapping and Torture
PSG President Might Be Involved With Kidnapping and Torture
By: Sean Frederick | Mar. 2, 2023

A French-Algerian citizen claims to have been tortured by Nasser Al Khelaifi  in Qatari custody in 2020.

Al Khelaifi is allegedly involved in the transfer of likely compromising documents from the citizen.

The Paris prosecutor's office opened a preliminary investigation for kidnapping, threats, extortion, and other forms of barbarism.

Al Khelaifi denies any allegations and says justice will run its course and he does not have time for petty professional criminals.

Paris prosecutors confirmed that judges have been assigned to the case, and the plaintiff welcomes the opening of the investigation.


Photo Credit: ESPN

Project Willow Is Receiving a Lot of Criticism
Project Willow Is Receiving a Lot of Criticism
By: Warren Lopez | Mar. 2, 2023

Many people are awaiting for the White House's decision for the Willow Project.

It is an oil drilling plan located in Alaska which will create jobs and raise energy production. 

Environmental groups are opposing the program, saying it will add to global warming.

The Biden administration estimate the project will generate 9.2 million metric tons of carbon pollution. 

Young advocates are posting online against the proposal with the #StopWillow.

If the deal is approved, it may plummet the president's climate credibility.

To ease criticisms, the Biden administration plans to lower the number of drilling pads.

Supporters say the project will provide revenue for the state of Alaska. 


Photo credit: CNN

Tinder Released New Prices for Their Monthly subscribers
Tinder Released New Prices for Their Monthly subscribers
By: Marc Monroy | Mar. 2, 2023

Tinder is experimenting with a new $500 price tag for their monthly subscription.

The old prices of $50 to $60 a month are still going to be there, but the new $500 plan will be a tier up the lower prices.

A host from a dating podcast says she does not believe that people will be willing to pay for the subscription tier.

It is still unclear what the new plan will add in bonuses.

The plan does not have a set release date as it is still in testing mode. 


Photo credit: The Indian Express

Mall Shooting
Mall Shooting
Credit: Edwin Folven
By: Matthew Bragulla | Mar. 1, 2023

Owners of a restaurant in a Santa Monica Mall are seeking to be dismissed from a lawsuit dating back to 20-20 where a customer was accused of killing another customer.

Brandon Hinton -- was arrested and charged with murdering Ryan Deshane Givens Junior on January Twentieth, 20-20.

Both men ate at a restaurant called Javier's in Westfield Century City Mall earlier that night.

A fight broke out involving Hinton's girlfriend and another woman at the restaurant -- which led to Hinton being beat up.

Givens had no part in the clash inside the restaurant.

Later -- Hinton went to his car and grabbed a nine-millimeter pistol. As Hinton walked back to the mall -- he was almost hit by Givens' car.

This led to an altercation where Hinton is believed to have shot Givens multiple times.

Attorneys of Javier's argue that since Givens was not involved in the fight with Hinton earlier in the night -- there was no reason to drag the restaurant into the shooting lawsuit.

The restaurant's motion will be presented in a hearing scheduled for September 12th.

COVID Emergency Ends in LA
COVID Emergency Ends in LA
Credit Allen J. Schaben - Los Angeles Times
By: Alex Fodor | Mar. 1, 2023

The LA county board of supervisors agreed today to end the local state of emergency by the end of March.

The emergency has been in place since the beginning of the pandemic.

The board voted unanimously in favor of ending the proclamation of local emergency.

Supervisor Janice Hahn says with effective vaccines and the dramatic decline of deaths and hospitalizations--it is necessary to move on with the next stage of COVID relief.

One of the mandates set to be lifted is needing to wear a mask for 10 days after a covid-19 exposure.

Public health officials will continue to review data to determine which health orders will continue to be required.

Street Medicine Hits LA
Street Medicine Hits LA
Credit: The Bloc LA
By: Jake Dodd | Mar. 1, 2023

Its about time medicine hit the streets.
UCLA health was given a two year state grant worth 25.3-million -dollars.

This will allow UCLA Health to expand its program for people experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles.
The grant will fund new equipment and staff--including community health workers to assess patient needs, identify barriers to care and expand access to a variety of services in collaboration with other caregivers, social service agencies, health plans and the state.
The collaborative provides free care to those who might not otherwise have access.

About 85-percent of UCLA Health emergency room visits made by people experiencing homelessness are due to primary--or urgent--care conditions that could be prevented or treated in the community.

Mexico Volcano
Mexico Volcano
Credit: Tours By Locals
By: Ally Najera | Mar. 1, 2023

A volcano in Paricutin was the first to have its life cycle documented.

In the area --- orchards and a church tower are now barely visible under the lava that buried it years ago.

Recently almost a hundred geologists -- volcanologists -- and seismologists visited the crater.

Marking the anniversary of the volcanic eruption --- these scientists shared their experiences.

Disaster prevention and the potential for another volcano to form in this region was also a topic of discussion.

The volcano continues to draw visitors today -- bringing revenue to the site.

Present day Paracutin serves as a reminder for the eruption that once took place.

Sweeteners May be Dangerous
Sweeteners May be Dangerous
Credit: Shutterstock
By: Alejandro Perez | Mar. 1, 2023

Erythritol-an artificial sweetener has been found to raise chances of a heart attack and stroke.

Studies from the Cleveland Clinic show that those who consume higher amounts of the sweetener develop higher risk of cardiovascular diseases.

The sugar is most commonly used in Splenda but can also be found naturally in foods such as grapes, watermelons, pears and mushrooms.

Dictionary.com Added New Words to Their Vocabulary
Dictionary.com Added New Words to Their Vocabulary
By: Michael Narciso | Feb. 28, 2023

The latest word additions to Dictionary.com reflect a shift towards a more inclusive language.

The online reference website announced  that it has added about 300 new entries, along with new and revised definitions for existing words.

Some new terms  are: Rage farming, the tactic of intentionally provoking political opponents, typically by posting inflammatory content on social media, in order to elicit angry responses, while pinkwashing is when individuals or institutions show superficial support for LGBTQ rights and queer bating is slang for a marketing technique involving intentional homoeroticism or suggestions of LGBTQ+ themes intended to draw in an LGBTQ+ audience.

Cyberflashing is the act of sending unsolicited, sexually explicit visuals online and trauma dumping describes an unsolicited offloading of negative experiences and feelings onto an unsuspecting person.

The new terms describe the bleak realities of our digital sphere.

Among the lighter entries are petfluencer, which describes either a person who amassed a large internet following by posting pictures of their pet or a pet who itself has achieved internet fame.

Their inclusion in the dictionary signals that they've reached a certain level of popularity and mainstream.


Photo credit: CNN

Saint George is Facing Water Crisis
Saint George is Facing Water Crisis
By: Alex Fodor | Feb. 28, 2023

The city of Saint George, in Utah has banned growing grass in front of businesses.

The regulation allows only 8% of home landscaping to involve grass.

Utah is a state that otherwise is allergic to rules and regulations from the government and it has the fastest growing metro area in the US for two years in a row.

The problem is Saint George is running out of water.

The Lake Powell Pipeline is a plan to bring needed water to southern Utah and it was proposed in 2006, but has not been approved yet.

The Lake Powell reservoir, however, is the countries second largest but has lost more than 150 feet since 2000.


Photo credit: News Deeply

Chris Rock Has a New Netflix Stand Up Comedy Show
Chris Rock Has a New Netflix Stand Up Comedy Show
By: Quinn Hettich | Feb. 28, 2023

Comedian Chris Rock, who was on the receiving end of  the slap heard across the world, is finally striking back in his upcoming Netflix standup special.

Streaming live on Saturday at seven in the evening, Rock will address Will Smith's controversial outburst at last year's Oscars ceremony.

He has previously tested jokes about how painful the incident was, saying Will played Muhammad Ali while Rock played a zebra.


Photo credit: NBC News

Batch of Eyedrops Lead to Infections By Bacteria
Batch of Eyedrops Lead to Infections By Bacteria
By: Randy Flores | Feb. 28, 2023

Latest numbers show 58 Americans in 13 states were infected by Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a bacteria that is not new.

But this particular strain evaded most antibiotics except for a newer antibiotic administered by I.V.

The infections spanned the nation and can found in different parts of the body for patients.

Some in the lungs, others in the blood.

A call from a Florida hospital to the CDC then led to an investigation looking for a common product in different states, the result was EzriCare Artificial tears a product marketed in the US but made in India.

Earlier this month the FDA recalled the eyedrops along with other products made by the same company. 


Photo Credit: TODAY

Commerce Department Is Opening Applications for Computer Chip Manufactures
Commerce Department Is Opening Applications for Computer Chip Manufactures
By: Luis Morales | Feb. 28, 2023

Computer chip manufacturers are set to access $39 Billion in government aid to build new factories and expand production after the Commerce Department opened applications.

Companies who apply will need to show how they plan to develop a local workforce.

Firms will also be receiving $150 Million or more to provide affordable child care for their workers.

The money is to support private investment in new factories and can be withdrawn if companies use it on stock buybacks.

The department also said that the companies that receives support cannot expand their manufacturing capacity in foreign countries, due to being a source of national security concerns.

Companies can start submitting their statements of interest as of now. 


Photo credit:

Twitter Is Laying Off More Employees
Twitter Is Laying Off More Employees
By: Ally Najera | Feb. 27, 2023

At least 2,000 Twitter workers have lost their jobs since Elon Musk bought the company.

Last year he let go 50% of the workers.

The Twitter layoffs are some of the many taking place during the last few months.

Companies including Amazon,  Microsoft, and Google-owned Alphabet have also made cuts.

The B-B-C reports Twitter could be struggling financially.

Musk says he plans to have someone else run the company in the near future.


Photo credit: Reuters

Florida's Governor is Now In Charge of Disney District
Florida's Governor is Now In Charge of Disney District
By: Beatriz Barros Felice | Feb. 27, 2023

Florida governor, Ron DeSantis signed  a bill that gives him power over Disney World, as a way to push the entertainment giant for speaking against his political agenda.

This new bill allows DeSantis to replace the Reedy Creek Improvement District's five-member existing board that has ties with Disney.

DeSantis already announced names for his new board such as Martin Garcia, a Tampa lawyer and Republican donor to DeSantis reelection, and  Bridget Ziegler, a Sarasota County School Board member  and co founder of Moms for Liberty.

The board has a meeting scheduled for next week.

Disney says it is ready to work within this framework and will keep bringing joy to all its visitors.

This came after Disney spoke against a law the governor signed restricting certain classroom instructions about sexual orientation and gender identity.

This back and forth narrative is being using by DeSantis for a potential 2024 Republican presidential campaign,  showing what he is willing to do for what he believes.


Photo Credit: ABC News

Zendaya Has a New Deal With HBO For Euphoria's Next Season
Zendaya Has a New Deal With HBO For Euphoria's Next Season
By: Asia Williams | Feb. 27, 2023

Actress Zendaya has reportedly finalized a new deal with HBO, where she will be paid nearly $1 Million per episode for this upcoming third season.

Not to mention she became an executive producer on the second season so she will bring in even more bucks.

Being named one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, Zendaya feels she is well deserved of the pay increase.

She helped make Euphoria one of the highest watched shows in HBO history.


Photo credit: BBC

Elon Musk Tweets Supporting Dilbert's Creator
Elon Musk Tweets Supporting Dilbert's Creator
By: Tashi Rios | Feb. 27, 2023

Elon Musk tweets support for the creator of the Dilbert cartoon.

Musk didn't criticize Adams, but claimed the media has been racist for a very long time, and added the comments have an element of truth.

Hundreds of newspapers like The Plain Dealer and USA Today Network say they'll stop running Adams' comics.

Photo Credit: Forbes

Sleep Wellness
Sleep Wellness
Credit: Shutterstock
By: Warren Lopez | Feb. 24, 2023

A new study reports following five sleep habits can add more to life expectancy.
The first step is to have seven to eight hours. Despite this - 1 in 3 americans have a sleep deficit. I - for sure - am one of them.
The sleep also has to be uninterrupted and restful - and must happen frequently.

That means no waking up in the middle of the night - and no trouble falling asleep more than twice a week.

After getting your Z's - you have to wake up rested.

Finally - sleep medication can not be used.

Studies find men and women have a different amount of years - men get 5 while women 2.

Ozempic  Wight Loss Pill
Ozempic Wight Loss Pill
Credit: Hollandse Hoogte via Shutterstock
By: Randy Flores | Feb. 24, 2023

A former pharmaceutical consultant says prescribing children Ozempic, a diabetes medication that doctor prescribe for weight loss does not address the root cause of childhood obesity.

Obesity currently affects around 20 percent children according to the Center for Disease Control.

Calley Means a co-founder of a company that advocates for food as medicine blames added sugars that manufacturers put in food for the rise in obesity along with other chronic diseases.

Means stands firms in her beliefs and says classifying obesity as a chronic illness sends a bad message to families to seek medical intervention rather than the root cause: food.

California Bill aims to Ban Tobacco
California Bill aims to Ban Tobacco
Credit: Anthony Behar-Sipa USA-Newscom
By: Carolina Tello | Feb. 24, 2023

Assembly Damon Connolly has introduced a bill that would prohibit the sales of tobacco products.

This targets anyone born on or after January First Two-Thousand-Seven.

The products included in the ban are Cigarettes, Cigars, Little Cigars, Chewing Tobacco, Pipe Tobacco, and more.

To buy tobacco currently you must be 21 or older -- however that law would be replaced by the new bill it it's passed.

The bill will also include penalties for violations. The Premium Cigar Association says they're concerned about the bill and any legislations that restrict the rights of Premium cigar smokers.

Connelly believes by slowing phase out they can ensure the next generation will not become addicts. The Assembly bill Nine-Three-Five will be heard on March 17th.

Derek Carr Leaves Vegas
Derek Carr Leaves Vegas
Credit: Chris Unger via Getty Images
By: Jenilee Borek | Feb. 24, 2023

NFL quarterback Derek Carr won't be playing for the Las Vegas Raiders anymore -- but a lot of people are wondering where the free agent will land.

He's already met with the New Orleans Saints and the New York Jets -- but ESPN's Jeremy Fowler says three other teams are showing interest and have reached out.

The new teams in the mix are unknown -- but having that many options gives Carr the upperhand.

He exercised his no-trade clause with the Raiders so he could hit free agency.

The Pro Bowler's brother -- David Carr -- says his younger brother isn't rushing his decision.

He's looking to go to a team that will be willing to pay him 35-million dollars a year or more.

Abortion Bans Affect Clinics
Abortion Bans Affect Clinics
Credit: ACLU
By: Savanah Taylor | Feb. 24, 2023

Following the overturn of Roe v Wade abortions are now banned in fourteen states and access is limited in fourteen others.

Because of the ban, medication like mifepristone used for abortions also face restrictions nationwide.

Clinics who still offer abortion services are preparing for stoppage of the medication.

They are stocking up on alternative medication also used in abortions.

They are increasing on hand staff  to prepare for more in-clinic procedures.

Accused Clown Killer Seeks for Her Case to Be Dropped
Accused Clown Killer Seeks for Her Case to Be Dropped
By: Matthew Bragulla | Feb. 24, 2023

A woman accused of dressing as a clown and killing a Florida woman more than 30 years ago is seeking to have her case dropped due to lack of evidence.

Sheila Keen-Warren was accused of shooting Marlene Warren in 1990 but was only charged with her murder in 2017.

Keen-Warren's attorneys say the court purposely delayed the indictment and lacked enough evidence when they finally decided to charge her.

Lawyers say that people who would be able to attest to Keen-Warren's innocence are now either untraceable or dead.

Some witnesses have even changed their accounts of the events over the span of 30-plus years.

There's also beliefs that Warren's husband was involved in the killing, but he has was never officially connected to the crime.

Keen-Warren will go to trial in May.

Photo credit: Hamilton Spectator 

Russell Westbrook Was Signed By LA Clippers
Russell Westbrook Was Signed By LA Clippers
By: Sean Frederick | Feb. 23, 2023

Russell Westbrook has been signed just two days after he was waived by the Utah Jazz.

He spent 18 months with the Lakers,  alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

During his time with the Lakers,  he averaged 15.9 points, 7.4 rebounds, and 7.1 assists in almost 30 minutes per game, even being moved to the bench in October.

Now, he is reuniting with Paul George,  his former teammate on the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Clippers have also updated their roster,  adding Eric Gordon,  Bones Hyland and Mason Plumlee.

They are currently the fourth seed in the Western Conference and with nearly 20 games left, they are likely to enter the playoffs in good standings.


Photo credit: NBA.com

Brazilian Pool Hall Massacre Leaves 7 Dead
Brazilian Pool Hall Massacre Leaves 7 Dead
writer: Quinn Hettich
By: Beatriz Barros Felice | Feb. 23, 2023

A game of billiards takes a turn for the worst after two men open fire killing seven people in a Brazilian pool hall for reportedly being mocked after losing two games in a row.

Surveillance video shows shooters, Edgar Ricardo de Oliveira and Ezequias Souza Ribeiro  pulling out shotguns from a pickup truck before shooting.

The Brazilian police lieutenant on the case says that the video makes it clear that some victims may not even have been involved in the game, but rather they were caught in the crossfire.

Among those killed was a 12-year-old girl.

The shooting took place at the city of Sinop in Mato Grosso.

Written by: Quinn  Hettich

Voiced by: Bea Barros


Photo credit: News.com.au

Baby Formula Has Recovered From Last Year's Shortage
Baby Formula Has Recovered From Last Year's Shortage
By: Elle Laur | Feb. 23, 2023

Parents continue to struggle a year after the baby formula shortage spread throughout the United States.

Lauren Bauer with the Brookings Institute, which focuses on federal nutrition assistance programs says that getting formula is more of an issue of access rather than families not being able to afford it.

Grocery stores like Kroger are still limiting the amount of formula containers customers can buy.

Younger families are experiencing food insecurity and worry if they'll be able to properly nourish their children.

Organizations like Baby Formula Search and Swap: Parents Helping Parents offer support for new parents, who might have a hard time finding the formula they need.

Besides the availability of formula,  some parents are experiencing lingering emotional effects, like fear,  which are making the situation feel worse than it is. 


Photo Credit: Today.com

Colorado Springs Shooter: Updates
Colorado Springs Shooter: Updates
By: Jenilee Borek | Feb. 23, 2023

Anderson Lee Aldrich is the person who was arrested and charged of killing five and injuring multiple others at Club Q, an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs.

A police detective testified yesterday Aldrich ran a neo-Nazi website,  and used gay and racial slurs while gaming online. 

Another witness told detectives Aldrich, who's nonbinary, says their mother, Laura Voepel,  who's also nonbinary forced them to go to LGBTQ  clubs.

Aldrich faces murder, attempted murder,  and hate crime charges.

The hearing was to determine if hate crime charges should continue to be applied.

Prosecutors must show evidence of a motive in order for hate crime charges to stick.

Aldrich's defense attorneys brought up their mental health for the first time during the hearing, and showed photographs of pill bottles they had been prescribed to treat mental illness.

The defense didn't say if Aldrich had been formally diagnosed with mental illness or not. 

Photo Credit: AP News

Prioritizing Sleep Can Make You Live Longer
Prioritizing Sleep Can Make You Live Longer
By: Warren Lopez | Feb. 23, 2023

A new study reports following five sleep habits can add more to life expectancy.

The first step is to have seven to eight hours.

Despite this, 1 in 3 Americans have a sleep deficit.

I, for sure, am one of them.

The sleep also has to be uninterrupted and restful,  and must happen frequently.

That means no waking up in the middle of the night, and no trouble falling asleep more than twice a week.

After getting your Z's, you have to wake up rested.

Finally, sleep medication can not be used.

Studies find men and women have a different amount of years, men get 5 while women 2.


Photo credit: Eating Well

California's New Bill Aims To Ban Tobacco
California's New Bill Aims To Ban Tobacco
By: Carolina Tello | Feb. 23, 2023

Assembly Damon Connolly has introduced a bill that would prohibit the sales of tobacco products.

This targets anyone born on or after January 1st, 2007.

The products included in the ban are Cigarettes, Cigars, Little Cigars, Chewing Tobacco, Pipe Tobacco, and more.

To buy tobacco currently you must be 21 or older, however that law would be replaced by the new bill it it's passed.

The bill will also include penalties for violations.

The Premium Cigar Association says they're concerned about the bill and any legislations that restrict the rights of Premium cigar smokers.

Connelly believes by slowing phase out they can ensure the next generation will not become addicts.

The Assembly bill 935 will be heard on March 17th.


Photo Credit:  NBC News

NRA Guns On Campus
NRA Guns On Campus
By: Julio Castaneda | Feb. 22, 2023

A bill allowing holders of concealed firearm carry permits to have their weapons on West Virginia college campuses--and universities-- gets a major approval of 84 to 13 by the states' House of Delegates.

If approved, West Virginia will become the 12th state next to Arkansas, Georgia and Kansas to allow permit holders to carry a concealed weapon on campus grounds.

The state is one of 20 that currently has no laws on it's books preventing concealed carry holders to be armed on college campuses .

The N-R-A supported bill awaits the signature from Republican Governor- Jim Justice - of West Virginia required for it to become law.

Huge Metal Sphere Washes up on Japanese Beach
Huge Metal Sphere Washes up on Japanese Beach
Credit: Twitter @XMiS10C4M6QthSG
By: Lyssandra Vera | Feb. 22, 2023

Japan locals were surprised to find a reported massive iron ball on their beach shore.


This sphere is approximately 4-point-9 feet diameter and was discovered by a runner on Enshuhama Beach in Hamamatsu.

This investigation was followed by an X-Ray which resulted to be seen as hollow.

The police authorities and bomb squad confirmed that it is not dangerous to the public but where this sphere came from still remains a mystery

50 year-old Vermont Murder Has Its Answers
50 year-old Vermont Murder Has Its Answers
By: Ally Najera | Feb. 22, 2023

Rita Curran was found dead in her room in 1971.

Fifty years later, police have now identified who was responsible for the crime.

In 2014 detectives used DNA from a cigarette butt found next to the body, but found no solutions.

Five years later, the case reopened and with the assistance of modern DNA technology and genetic genealogy, the investigation led back to a man who lived in Curran's building.

He was identified as William DeRoos, who died in 1986 due to a drug overdose.

His DNA was a match for the one found on Curran's clothing and the cigarette butt.

The police chief on the case says he is filled with relief, pride, and gratitude now that the case has been official closed.


Photo credit: The daily beast

Starbucks's New Drink Ingredient
Starbucks's New Drink Ingredient
By: Beatriz Barros Felice | Feb. 22, 2023

Coffee lovers, be aware of Starbucks' new coffee recipe!

The coffee chain is rolling out a new line of beverages  in which the drinks are mixed with extra virgin olive oil.

Each drink comes with a spoonful of oil -- adding an extra one-hundred-and-20 calories to it.

The line's name is Oleato, and it is already available at Starbucks in Italy.

The drinks that are part of the line are, Oleato latte with oat milk and olive oil, an Oleato ice shaken espresso with oat milk, hazelnut flavor and olive oil, and the Oleato golden foam cold brew, made with a version of Starbucks’ sweet milk foam infused with two olive oil servings.

Versions of this drink will arrive in Southern California this spring and in the UK, Middle East and Japan will get their version still in this year.

Photo Credit: ABC 7

Maintenance Worker Died In Ohio Plant Explosion
Maintenance Worker Died In Ohio Plant Explosion
By: Alex Fodor | Feb. 22, 2023

A maintenance worker was killed in an explosion at a metal plant in Ohio that sparked a large fire and sent over a dozen to the hospital.

Firefighters were called to a copper alloy company in Oakwood village on Monday afternoon.

The blast left a plume of smoke visible from miles away and scattered debris over one hundred yards away, damaging nearby cars.

Steve Mullins had been with the company for almost 30 years before his tragic death.

The cause of the explosion remains under investigation but no criminal act is presumed.


Photo credit: NPR


United Airlines Has A New Family Seating Set-Up
United Airlines Has A New Family Seating Set-Up
By: Michael Narciso | Feb. 21, 2023

United Airlines has introduced a new seat map feature that will help families with children under 12-years-old to be seated together free of charge.

The seat map technology will find available neighboring economy seats at the time of booking and open up complimentary upgrades to other available seats.

In cases where side-by-side seats are not available, customers are able to switch to another flight to their destination with adjacent seats in the same cabin free of cost.

The company believes the new policy will take a lot of stress out of the up-front process.

The complete policy change is set to go into effect in early March.


Photo credit: TripSavvy

US Is Suffering From A Shortage On Black Doctors
US Is Suffering From A Shortage On Black Doctors
By: Randy Flores | Feb. 21, 2023

In the U.S. only 5.7% of doctors are Black per the latest data from the Association of American Medical Colleges.

Seun Adebagbo, a third-year medical student hopes to change that statistic.

Adebagbo  was born in Nigeria and grew up in Massachusetts says she was inspired to go to medicine after seeing tension between Western medicine beliefs within Nigerian culture.

Adebagbo adds to the increasing number of Black physicans over the past 120 years in the US, but research shows that the numbers are still very low.

Michael Dill, the director of workforce studies with the Association of American Colleges, says one of the reasons for the low percentage is the that the black community has traditionally been excluded from the medicine field.

He also says one way to address the problem is to improve the representation of Black students in schools.


Photo credit: CNN

NBA Has A New Game Plan
NBA Has A New Game Plan
By: Alex Fodor | Feb. 21, 2023

The NBA and Chinese company, Ant Group,  have entered a partnership to work on projects including video content, broadcasting, and membership for basketball fans.

The deal would give NBA video content for the Chinese fans who sign up for the membership via Ali-pay, a payment app owned by Ant Group.

The partnership will also feature marketing campaigns and digital collectables.

The NBA has grown immensely in popularity in China and would bring hundreds of millions in revenue.

The partnership aims to mend the NBA's relationship with China after the owner of the Houston Rockets tweeted his support for Hong Kong 2019.


Photo credit: The prodigious

Banditos Gang
Banditos Gang
By: Theresa Azamar | Feb. 20, 2023

L-A County is trying to get a judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed three-and-a-half years ago by eight deputies.

The 2019 lawsuit includes allegations of racial discrimination, harassment, assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and civil rights violations. 

The deputies say they were harassed by an internal gang during a training session.

Brazilian Weather Conditions Leave 36 Dead
Brazilian Weather Conditions Leave 36 Dead
By: Beatriz Barros Felice | Feb. 20, 2023

Thirty-six people have been killed due to heavy rain and landslides in the northern coast of Brazil's Sao Paulo state.

As many as 500 people are continuing search and rescue efforts in the area.

Some cities that suffered a lot of damage are Sao Sebastiao, Ubatuba, Ilhabela, and  Bertioga. The cities also cancelled their Carnaval festivities as they search for injured and missing people.

Mayor Felipe Augusto, from Sao Sebastiao says there are dozens of people missing and 50 houses collapsed in the city.

Brazil's President, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, says he will visit the region today. 



Photo Credit: News in France

Supreme Court Listens to Online Speech and Content Moderation Cases
Supreme Court Listens to Online Speech and Content Moderation Cases
By: Ally Najera | Feb. 20, 2023

Two cases will present oral arguments, marking the Supreme Court's first review of a law set to protect websites from user-content related lawsuits.

The arguments on Thursday and Friday will deal with whether tech platforms and social media companies can be sued.

The activity of these platforms will be examined, as far as recommending harmful content to users that supports international terrorism.

Google could possibly be sued for the terrorist videos shown on their platform.

And Twitter can be sued for giving support to user content that promotes violence associated with terrorist acts.

The Supreme Court's decisions are expected in June.



Photo credit: BBC

Meta announces Meta Verified Program
Meta announces Meta Verified Program
By: Beatriz Barros Felice | Feb. 20, 2023

Internet entrepreneur, Mark Zuckerberg,  announced that Meta is trying out a new subscription service.

In it, Instagram and Facebook users are able to pay for their profile to become verified.

There are other perks that comes with this app, such as extra protection against impersonation profiles and easy access to customer service.

The customer wanting the blue sign will have to provide a government ID,  matching name and picture and being above the age of 18.

Meta said that those that are already verified,  won't suffer any changes in their accounts.

The program is called,  Meta Verified and it costs $11.99 a month for the web version and $14.99 a month for the IOS version.

It will be released in Australia and New Zealand this week and soon in other countries.


Photo credit: GSMArena.com

Universal Launches New Mario Kart Attraction
Universal Launches New Mario Kart Attraction
By: Beatriz Barros Felice | Feb. 17, 2023

Universal Hollywood Studios is launching a new ride in their brand new  Super Nintendo World area.

The immersive dark ride called "Mario Kart: Browser's Challenge" is based on the Nintendo’s Mario Kart game and will be the main attraction of the area.

On the ride, visitors will compete as Team Mario against Browser and his friends in a race across fan-favorite tracks, such as Rainbow Road and Twisted Mansion.

It also allow guests to collect coins and throw items just as in the game.

The ride also uses augmented reality that  is able to be experienced through a Mario-inspired hat that attaches to goggles given to visitors before the ride begins.

And at the end, everybody will be able to see the famed  Mario Kart trophy as the kart goes back to the attraction’s starting point.

Universal Studios Japan already have their own version of the ride and Universal Studios Orlando is expected to get its own Super Nintendo World in the upcoming years.

Twitter's New Rivals
Twitter's New Rivals
By: Beatriz Barros Felice | Feb. 13, 2023

Former Twitter employees are launching a new social media platform that is similar to their former employer.

T-2 is already available in beta format and also offers posts with a limit of 280 characters.

The co-founders, Sarah Oh and Gabor Cselle, says that the focus of this platform is safety brought by people's lack of fear of suffering abuse or harassment by posting and sharing what they want. 

Other business owners such as the co-founder of Anti Software Software Club, the same group that develops Cohost, a platform similar to Twitter, says that people is leaving Twitter to try and have nicer online experiences.

Cohost has 130,000 users, 80,000 of them sign up for the new social media right after Elon Musk finished the purchase of Twitter.

So far they calculated that only 20,000 are considered active users.

Other former employees also created their own companies similar to Twitter, but others took a different approach when launching their business.

Instagram founders announced a new app called, Artifact.

In the app, people have a personalized news feed powered by artificial intelligence -- in which only popular articles of large news outlets and smaller blogs are available.


Photo credit: NPR

Democratic Representative Angie Craig Assaulted
Democratic Representative Angie Craig Assaulted
Credit: Bill Clark | AP
By: Matthew Bragulla | Feb. 10, 2023

Minnesota Representative Angie Craig was attacked in the elevator of her appartment in Washington D-C yesterday.

Craig fought back after the man punched her in the face and grabbed her by the neck. Police say after she called 9-1-1-- the assailant ran from the scene.

The representative says her attacker appeared to be under the influence and exhibiting strange behavior before he stepped into the elevator with her.

There is currently no suspicion that the assault was politically motivated and the offender is still at large.

Red Boots Trend
Red Boots Trend
Credit: MSCHF
By: Dimitri Maurry | Feb. 10, 2023

Regular boring shoes are out, the big red boots are in.

M-S-C-H-F unveiled their new shoe that are giant rubber boots similar to Japanese manga character Astro Boy.

During a press release the company's desribe the shoe as cartoon boots for a Cool 3-D World -- if you kick someone the boots go BOING.

They caught attention of many going viral on Tik-Tok, gaining over three-million views and half a million likes in 24-hours.

The boots will go on sale February 16th for 350-dollars.

Damar Hamlin Speech
Damar Hamlin Speech
By: Julio Castaneda | Feb. 10, 2023

Buffalo Bills' Damar Hamlin gets the crowd in tears at the N-F-L Honors award show held in Phoenix on Thursday ahead of Super Bowl 57.

Former Bills Quarterback Jim Kelly and actress Sheryl Lee Ralph welcomed both the Bills and Cincinnati Bengals' medical staff to the stage-

where they received a standing ovation from the crowd for their actions during a January Monday Night Football game where Hamlin went into cardiac arrest--for nine minutes-- after making a tackle.

Australia Removes Chinese Cameras
Australia Removes Chinese Cameras
Credit: Grainger
By: Sean Frederick | Feb. 10, 2023

The Australian government audited security devices and found nine-hundred-13 within government premises.

Senator James Paterson says the companies that produce these devices have a very close relationship with the Chinese Communist Party.

Identified vulnerability showed that third parties could take control of cameras to collect audio and video.

A spokesperson for Beijing's foreign affairs ministry said China opposes the abuse of state power and discrimination to suppress Chinese companies.

California Award Winning Mouse
California Award Winning Mouse
Credit: Rudmer Zwerver/Shutterstock.com
By: Sean Frederick | Feb. 10, 2023

A California mouse named Pat won a Guiness World record for being the oldest living mouse at over nine-years-old.

Pat is a Pacific pocket mouse -- which is the smallest mouse species in North America.

Human intrusion and habitat destruction caused the mouse population to plunge in 19-32.

The pocket mouse was thought to be extinct for 20-years until populations were discovered in 19-94 in Dana Point Orange County.

New populations have been reintroduced in Orange County's Laguna Coast with the help of the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance.

Pat is one of the mice born through the San Diego Zoos conservation breeding program.

And as of 2017, the mice have been able to breed without human assistance.

Burt Bacharach Dead at 94
Burt Bacharach Dead at 94
By: Rocky Walker | Feb. 10, 2023

Acclaimed composer and songwriter Burt Bacharach has died at the age of 94.

In his long career he won almost every award available in music- including six grammys, three oscars and the Gershwin prize.

Bacharachs career started in the 1950s and spanned over 50 years in which he created some of the biggest hits of of the time including "Say a little prayer" and "Thats what friends are for."

His songs found acclaim through mainstream singers as well as music for films.

In 2008 the Grammy's proclaimed him as musics greatest living composer.

Longtime collaborator and friend Dionne Warwick says losing Bacharach is like losing a family member, and with his impacts on the history of music many other musicians feel the same way.

New York Owl
New York Owl
Credit: Mel Clements/ National Park Service
By: Warren Lopez | Feb. 10, 2023

A Eurasian eagle-owl named Flaco gained fame for escaping Central Park zoo after someone broke his cage.

A zoo spokesperson says the exhibit was vandalized and the steel cage was cut.

Flaco flew out to a shopping hub where polic officers attempted to catch him but failed.

The bird is back in Central Park and continues to attract witnesses - but he still is not in his desginated place.

Some fear the bird can't hunt and may starve.

The zoo will attempt to recover Flaco soon.

The Perfect Superbowl
The Perfect Superbowl
Credit: NFL
By: Jake Dodd | Feb. 8, 2023

Kelce vs Kelce

Andy Reid vs his former team.

Mahomes vs Hurts.

There are many storylines to Superbowl fifty-seven. You can pick which ever one you want but the one thing everyone can agree on is that the match up is as even as it gets.

Both teams finished the season fourteen and three.

They both finished with the number one seed in their conference.

These teams have each scored a total of five hundred and forty six points.

This will also mark the first time in NFL history where two black quarterbacks will go head to head in a super bowl.

You can tune into watch this historic match up--Sunday at three-thirty.

LA COVID February
LA COVID February
Credit: NewYork-Presbyterian
By: Lyssandra Vera | Feb. 8, 2023

As of Tuesday around six-hundred Los Angeles County hospitals had COVID-positive patients.

In their most recent data, Los Angeles County health officials reported 1,103 new COVID-19 cases as well fourteen additional virus-related deaths.

The total number of virus-related deaths in the county increased leading to the total of approximately thirty-five-thousand deaths.

Masks are required within closed heath-care settings and is highly recommended fot those who are in high-risk of catching COVID-19.

Reasons like these is why the administration states to continue to fight against Covid-19.

Bill Gates Climate Change
Bill Gates Climate Change
Credit: Getty Images
By: Carolina Tello | Feb. 8, 2023

Climate change campaigner Bill Gates continues to travle by private jet.

B-B-C's Amol Rajan says Gates is a hypocrite.

Gates advocates for climate change but still leaves a carbon footprint while using his climate innovations as an excuse.

The World Wildlife Fund says air travel is the most carbon intensive activity an individual can make.

The European Federation for Transport and Environment reports private jets are 5 to 14 times more polluting than commercial planes.

First Generation Iphone
First Generation Iphone
Credit: Chris Clarke
By: Nelson Cruz | Feb. 6, 2023

What if I told you the first generation iPhone can be bought today.

It is an eight gigabyte version which has never been opened.

The famous apple product was put on the website LCG Auctions.

The seller is cosmetic tattoo artist Karen Green.

Green showed up on The Doctor & The Diva show in 2019 with the phone.

An appraiser on the show valued it at five-thousand dollars at the time.

It is now being valued at 50-thousand dollars and up on the site.

The auction ends on Sunday February 19th.

Fentanyl Vaccine
Fentanyl Vaccine
Credit: Stevepb / Pixabay
By: Nelson Cruz | Feb. 6, 2023

A new vaccine may be able to limit the deaths of drug users.

A team of researchers in the University of Houston may have found a vaccine for the fentanyl drug.

The university says the vaccine will be able to block the opioid from entering the brain.

Research associate professor of psychology- Dr. Colin Haile said it will benefit someone who has an opioid use disorder.

The CDC found that through August 2021 and August 2022- 110,236 people died due to fentanyl.

If FDA approved- the vaccine will only work against fentanyl because it is a synthetic drug.

Chile Wildfires
Chile Wildfires
Credit: Reuters
By: Reza Rastegarrazi | Feb. 6, 2023

Chilean authorities say that 22 people were killed in the recent fires.

The Minister of Interior-- Carolina Toha announced that one thousand-429 people were in shelters and 554 were injured.

Out of hundreds of fiers in recent days--28 forests have been burned and destroyed.

The minister believes that the temperature level of the thermometer has reached a degree that we have never seen before.

President of Chile-- Gabriel Boric announced that firefighters of the neighboring country of Argentina will also be sent with machines to fight multiple blazes in the central region.

Boric said he spoke with his Argentinian counterpart to coordinate and thank the country for their assistance.


Kim Petras Wins
Kim Petras Wins
Credit: Kevin Winter | Getty Images for The Recording Academy
By: Tashi Rios | Feb. 6, 2023

Singer Kim Petras makes GRAMMYs history as the first transgender woman to win in the "Best Pop/Group Performance" category.

She and Sam Smith received the award for their hit song "Unholy".

Petras dedicated the award to the transgender musicians who have paved the way for her.

She thanked Madonna for the L-G-B-T-Q+ support - - and her mom for all the support during her transition.

Katy Perry Scares Contestant, Leaving Him Wide Awake
Katy Perry Scares Contestant, Leaving Him Wide Awake
Credit: ABC
By: Dimitri Maurry |

Three years after auditioning for "American Idol" former contestant Adriel Carrion says judge Katy Perry continues to haunt him in his dreams.

Carrion took to Tik-Tok to share his experience about the moment that triggered him for years.

Perry Announced during auditions they were banning the song "Watermelon Sugar" by Harry Styles as everyone was singing it.

Carrion and fellow contestant Anthony Guzman mentioned performing the song for the judges.

That is when Perry cut them off. This interaction is said to  leave Carrion scarred

SoCal to Vegas Train
SoCal to Vegas Train
Credit: Max Bailen, Getty Images, Cultura RF
By: Beatriz Barros Felice |

For all Southern California residents looking for a ride-- I got some news for you.

Brightline West and the High-Speed Rail Labor Coalition is working on a 10-buillion-dollar project investment to build a bullet train that can take you to Las Vegas.

The transportation is anticipated to be completed by 2026 or 2027.

It would consist of a 218-mile system with trains reaching up to 200 miles per hour in a fully electric emission-free system.

This also comes in a manner to help reduce the amount on CO2 emissions from the 3 million cars that travels to Vegas.

Company officials hope that the train will relieve traffic in the Interstate 15.

The financial outcome for this project would be the production of 35-thousand jobs -- get a return of over 10-billion-dollar and it would create a thousand permanent jobs.

Travelers will pass through San Bernadino-- Victor Valley -- Hesperia -- Apple Valley and Rancho Cucamonga before reaching Las Vegas.

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