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Artist To Watch: Carmen Deleon

Carmen Deleon

Carmen DeLeon makes her official debut with her single “Volverás.”

As with any new artist I discover, I seem to get myself into a rabbit hole of trying to get to know more about them. With Carmen DeLeon, nothing has changed. So here is a list of fun facts I gathered: 

  1. She is 19 years old. 
  2. She was born in Caracas, Venezuela. She then moved to Miami, Florida with her family and they moved again to Barcelona, Spain. Finally settling in Los Angeles to work on her solo career.
  3. In Spain, she competed in La Voz Kids. 
  4. She has been posting covers on her Youtube page since 2015. 
  5. Back in 2016 during a Q+A, she noted Jessie J as one of her music icons. 
  6. She actually wasn’t aware of her singing abilities until her dad noticed and put her in singing classes. 
  7. She was recently signed to Capitol Music Group and Universal Music Latin Entertainment.

Whether you’re looking for new music to add to your playlist or another talented artist to support, Carmen DeLeon is definitely one who deserves mass amounts of recognition. With a beautiful effortless voice like hers, combined with her unique artistry, I’m excited to see the future of the pop/reggaeton artist. 

Now that you know a little about DeLeon, let’s talk about the song. DeLeon partnered up with producer Tainy, one of Bad Bunny’s personal favorite producers and Jota Rosa, whose work made it onto Bad Bunny’s YHLQMDLG from earlier this year, to make her debut single really stand out. The team behind her is also one of the reasons why I think this is an artist to watch.

 The song recounts a love interest with a history of broken promises who continues to come back. After growing tired of this patterned behavior, DeLeon claims her own worth. 

Carmen DeLeon says, “'Volverás' is a song about the people who wrong you, in any type of relationship, and how their own arrogance can keep them from seeing how they hurt you." Deleon continues to explain, "The words describe the moment when you realize that those people don’t deserve you, and you make the decision to let them go. I want people to know you create the life that you want and you can choose who’s a part of it! It’s important to love and value yourself.”

Now let’s talk about the music video. With a similar feminine swag like Rosalia and Sofia Reyes, DeLeon has a natural camera charm. So much so that you would probably think she’s been doing this her whole life had I not told you this was also her first official music video.

It opens with her breaking it off with her now ex during a walk. After walking away from him, she runs into a group of friends and hops in their car to join them. We see them playfully throwing food into each other’s mouths and practicing secret handshakes on their way to a scenic spot that overlooks the city's outline. Also the cinematography? Amazing. From the still dancing shots at these city spots to the moving shots of DeLeon in front of the sun right before the golden hour, the video definitely keeps the viewer’s eye interested. 

Carmen DeLeon - Volverás