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Album Review: J Balvin's Colores!
Album Review: J Balvin's Colores!

Album Review: J Balvin's Colores!


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Colores Album Cover

It’s finally out! If you’ve been tuned into the LatinAlt 88.5fm any time between 2-5 pm weekdays, you might know that I have been highly anticipating J Balvin’s new album Colores for a while now. Well, it’s finally out and the Colombian singer did not disappoint! The album includes ten songs with each song title being a different color. Late last year J Balvin released his first single from the album, Blanco, followed by Morado in January, and recently in February with Rojo just before the whole project was released.


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J Balvin on Latin Music | Billboard

The entire concept, to me, sounds super simple and yet super creative. Not only in terms of the album cover, the individual song titles, and the music videos but the fact that J Balvin and the other artists he collaborated with were able to associate colors to feelings created by each song. When asked why his most recent single, Amarillo (my favorite song by the way), was named the way it was he explains that “Yellow was what 80% of the people who listened to this one felt” (J Balvin via Apple Music). Traditionally speaking, artists create song titles around the chorus of the song but here we see that J Balvin has taken the creative route. The name of each song doesn’t reveal what it is about, but more, how it makes one feel.



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Image: J Balvin's official YouTube

J Balvin x Amarillo

Now let’s talk about the music videos… oh my gosh. If you haven’t had a chance to check out any of the music videos he’s released with each single, you definitely should (my favorite so far is the one for Rojo)! Just as you would guess, each video’s color scheme is determined by the color of the song. Most recently, he dropped his video for Amarillo which is probably his most vibrant video yet with dancing basketballs and a giant rubber duck! If you’ve seen the video, you know exactly what I’m talking about. But if you’re confused, watch the video below!


 Yellow-haired J Balvin in his most vibrant video yet

From his 2018 album Vibras, to his album OASIS with Bad Bunny released last year, and now with this new project Colores, J Balvin has proven to us his creative and genius artistry yet again! Colores available now on Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music.