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Empress Of Releases New Single


Empress Of is back with another single “Love Is A Drug” only a few weeks after releasing “Give Me Another Chance” from her upcoming album I’m Your Empress Of via Terrible Records. It's set to release Friday, April 3rd! The brand new single opens with electric dance-pop notes that anyone who has been a fan for a while knows it’s a signature sound of the electro-pop singer. 

If you’re anything like me and gravitate toward music that you can’t help but groove to, this is definitely the song to listen to. The Honduran-American artist touches on the immediate and impulsive need to chase that neurotic feeling of love even if it's not the right person.

Both love and sex provide this high for some people that they can’t help but chase over and over again. If the entirety of her album is anything like these two singles she’s put out, I honestly can’t wait!

So with that being said, queue the countdown for her album in three days! Check out the song below!

 And if you want to pre-order the album, which is available in vinyl too, there is more info on this LINK!