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Happy Birthday Junior Mesa! + Two New Songs.


All Photo credit to Sydney Yatco

A big happy birthday to former Bakersfield resident but new Los Angeles Angel, Junior Mesa. He celebrates with two new songs, "Losing My Grip," & "Creep," via Nice Life Records.

These new songs are Mesa's first releases of the year! His last release, Peace EP had me yearning for more, so I couldn't be happier. "Losing My Grip," put me in a fun, party, summertime mood. It took me back to the free-loving sounds of the '70s. The song gave me the urge to travel across country in a Volkswagon Van.

There's also a music video for the song, watch it below! The video takes its viewers to a jam session with Mesa (with his new haircut) and his bandmates  It continues to follow Mesa comedically navigating life in a pandemic. In the end, Mesa dies of a hot box incident.

The song's catchy rhythms are soon contradicted by the melancholy sentiments of "Creep." And no, it's not a Radiohead cover. The song is reminiscent of his previous EP's vibes.