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In-case You Missed It - Alaina Castillo - 'Tonight'

Photo Credit: Chris Shelley


It’s been two weeks since Alaina Castillo has released her single “tonight,” and whether you’ve had the song on repeat or this is the first time you’re reading about it, it’s hard to deny that the groovy bassline and playfulness of the song makes this a summer hit we needed. Maybe it’s the roller skates she’s wearing in the artwork but I couldn’t help but think of rolling along to the song at a roller skate rink on a Friday night. Obviously not anytime soon because you know…the global pandemic. But also because…I don’t know how to roller skate. A girl can dream though.  Roller rinks are still going to be a thing and I’ll eventually learn how to skate without having to hang out by the wall holding myself up.

With an official music video for the single yet to be released, I honestly think it would be a shame if Castillo decided not to center the video around skating. Especially since she’s been using these past few months in quarantine learning to roller skate!  Despite the fun and light-hearted groove of the song that you imagine enjoying in a social setting, in actuality, it’s a song the Houston native wrote to express the importance of spending time with yourself. A true introvert’s nightmare is consistently being surrounded by people with little to no time alone. Whether you can relate to that or not, what we can agree on is the importance of designating a day for self-care to help us feel recharged. Face masks, singing in the shower, putting together a new playlist, re-watching your favorite show, or sitting down to finally read that book you’ve been trying to get yourself to pick up. Choosing how to spend your time alone is different for everyone. For the bilingual singer-songwriter, it’s turning on her neon lights and dancing solo in her room.  

From her ASMR “sing you to sleep” videos on her YouTube page to her antisocial butterfly EP in 2019, to her recent singles, let's try not to deny the vocal and lyrical talent Castillo displays with each new project. It feels as though this is only the beginning of her success and I cannot wait to hear an official debut album. 

Alaina Castillo - Tonight