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New Music y Video: St. Panther - These Days

THESE DAYS Single Artwork Final JPG

"These Days," is St. Panther's newest release along with a music video, via Nice life Recordings & How So Records. Peep the video below!

Daniela Bojorges-Giraldo (St. Panther) produced the track herself with help from How So's Nate Mercereau. The song was written in memory of a friend of hers who had O.D. late last year. And because of this, St. Panther was able to give the song extra avocado at no charge. She achieves a level of soul, reminiscent of Marvin Gaye, Amy Whinehouse, Alicia Keys + more. The song is a voyage of grief, acceptance, and strength.

Daniela sings: "Can't keep looking back, gotta keep it moving, gotta be strong." She says, "I hope it serves as a reminder to those listening that each day is precious and that there are still so many chapters ahead that are worth living for."

The video was shot in Daniela's home, to better encapsulate our current global situation and thoughts of grief. In the video, watch her dance in her kitchen, play multiple instruments and overall, a typical day in the life of St. Panther during the quarantine. 

 St. Panther is also encouraging fans to show support for the BLM movement by donating to a cause or organization.