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New Ska: Travelers All-Stars - Space Invaders

ska 1

Latin reggae/ska has been a special interest of mine. In recent years, a wave of musicians has emerged preserving the vintage sound while adding their own modern flair. A perfect example of this is the Mexican band, Travelers All-Stars. The band just released a 7” vinyl titled “Reggae Gordo,” available on their Bandcamp. The record was recorded by Los Angeles producer, Roger Rivas. (If you love reggae and haven’t heard of Roger Rivas, I recommend a quick Google search.)

The record comes with two lovely aggro reggae tracks titled “Sweet Loneliness” and “Space Invaders.” The latter song - Space Invaders - is my personal favorite because of how dynamic the track is. You can hear distinct changes in each instrument that makes it a fun rhythmic experience taking me out of this world.