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New Song: Helado Negro - I Fell In Love Feat. Xenia Rubinos


If you’re a sucker for good love songs with amazing, heartfelt instrumentals and impactful lyrics that make you want to hold onto your chest because they just hit a little too close to home, then you need to check out Helado Negro’s new single titled “I Fell In Love” featuring the talented Xenia Rubinos. This was released as part of this year's Adult Swim’s Singles series.

Listen to the song below after the following paragraphs!

The Ecuadorian artist excitedly explains that the song is about the feeling of love and the difficulties behind verbally expressing it. In one way or another, I think we can all relate to the frustration of trying to tell someone how we feel about them but overthinking what words to use or not feeling heard. The chorus of the song includes the lyrics: “spaceship-shaped words fly through your world unheard.” When I first heard this line, I did that thing I mentioned earlier where I held onto my chest all up in my feels because it’s completely true!

Whatever way you want to interpret the song, I think we may agree that it’s difficult expressing the love you have for someone because one never thinks the words used are good enough or accurately represent how you feel about the other person. Not only do the slow Latin electronic instrumentals make you want to listen to this song late on a summer night, but the lyrics are just enough to get you thinking about a past unexpressed love.