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New Video: Jessie Reyes - 'BEFORE LOVE CAME TO KILL US'


Just a month after the release of her animated video for “INVADERS,” Jessie Reyez gifts us with yet another brilliant video for her song “BEFORE LOVE CAME TO KILL US.”

Directed by Claire Edmonson, viewers see Reyez in front of the Toronto city landscape as she reminisces over an unforgettable friend turned lover. The video opens with the Colombian singer surrounded by red, white, and yellow roses to symbolize the passionate romantic love these two friends shared at such a young innocent age.

If the lyrics themselves weren’t enough to show fans how passionate Reyez is about this old lover of hers, it becomes even more apparent as one sees her belting the lyrics with full arms in the air. From sitting on top of a moving car to roaming in a flower garden, to glancing down from a glass building she’s in, we hear that the love she has for this person is with her at all times and will remain inside her heart until the day she dies. 

With every project Reyez releases, I find myself becoming an even bigger fan than before. From first discovering her discography after hearing “Sola” from her sophomore album Being Human In Public, to seeing her recent visual art, it's clear she’s passionate about the projects she releases to the world.

Also for those of you with Disney+, keep your eye out for Reyez in Beyonce’s Black Is King!