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Now Available: Somos Arte: The Creative Movement of El Salvador.


Independent, Los Angeles based label, Normandie Records, releases their first episode of the Somos Arte Documentary focusing on the creative movement of El Salvador.

The series is now available for rent or purchase on Vimeo.

The producers hope to connect viewers and the world with the creative side of El Salvador most would not likely experience. Mainstream media often depicts El Salvador as a country riddled with violence and gang warfare, however, the country's capital is home to a robust cultural, musical and artistic scene putting in motion its contemporary art wave of and alternative music that's been proliferating since the end of El Salvador's civil war.

"Our project spreads some positivity and hope. Come escape with us for a bit as we explore the beauty and vibrancy of El Salvador's modern art and music scene with Somos Arte. Needless to say any film, music, and art lover and the like will enjoy this docuseries." 

- Jonathan Barrera, the film's director/executive producer/co-creator.

Somos Arte: Una Industria from Somos Arte Documentary on Vimeo.