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Nueva Musica: Di Wav - ‘Mente Criminal’

di wav

Daniela Caprio, artistically known as Di Wav - a dark wave, indie-pop artist from Guatemala - releases her newest single, “Mente Criminal,”via of Afonico Music and distributed by Sony Music Latin.

The song was written in collaboration with 5-time Latin Grammy Nominee and Afonico Label owner, Marthin Chan and produced alongside Grammy winner, Reuven Amiel.

I found the song to be delightful yet a song that took me on a shadow-filled journey into the dark side of indie-pop. The song swings with electronic auras and progressive rock structures that made me feel like I was navigating through a world of evil forces, hiding like a criminal. I was able to find a guiding light and solace with Di Wav’s gentle, soothing vocals.

The single is also accompanied by a music video. The video visualized similar emotions and vibes I felt while listening to "Mente Criminal." A dark, empty world with nowhere to hide, constantly running from the unknown. The only thing certain is the need to escape. 

Di Wav - Mentel Criminal