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Nueva Música: Le Dame Blanche - ‘La Mentalista’


Cubana, Feminista and genre-defying artist, Yaite Ramos Rodriguez, known to her fans by Le Dame Blanche has recently dropped her latest single, “La Mentalista.” A song that gives way to Le Dame Blanche’s ability to flawlessly shift between genres and make it WORK!  We also got a release date and the name of her upcoming album. The new album is titled Ella and it's out September 25 via Nacional Records

Ella is a tribute to her mother, her father and is dedicated to all the women that have shaped her. 

La Dame Blanche says her drive to be like her father was a huge motivation in her artistry and the creation of Ella.

"Mi padre es un personaje que siempre quise impresionar … todo el mundo me conoce como la hija de ÉL y ese es uno de los otros motivos por los que este álbum se llama ELLA”  (My father is someone I always wanted to impress…everyone knew me as HIS daughter and that is one of the other reasons that this album is called ''ELLA.'"

- Yaite Ramos Rodriguez

I gotta admit, I’m not much of a trap music connoisseur, nor am I well versed in the stylings of trap music. I am, however, an admirer of the creativity of trap artists and the unique levels an artist can take the genre to. I’m also a big admirer of La Dame Blanche and I find it a treat to hear La Dame Blanche giving us a taste of how she shapes the genre to fit her own personal style.

Don't wait, check out the music video for "La Mentalista" right here.

La Dame Blanche - La Mentalista