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Nueva Música y Video: Belén Aguilera - Republicanas

If you like pop en Espanol with addictive, easy-to-groove-to lyrics with the catchy combo of heavy backbeats, the aroma of warm pianos, and deep, electro-pop thumps, I'd suggest "Republicanas" from Belén Aguilera, a pop artist from Spain. This single was the last single she released just hours before the release of her debut album, Como Ves, No Siempre He Sido Mía. 

With summer already here (that was fast, wasn't it), it's time to bring out this year's summer songs. The songs that are meant to be chart-toppers, played at every club, in every vehicle going to a summer festival. And let's not forget the music videos depicting all the feel-good summer vibes. You know the videos, videos where 60% of the shots have golden, sepia, heatwave tones. I know I sound like I'm criticizing it, but I'm not! I'm a sucker for this. This song has been on repeat for the entire writing of this post. It's just a good catchy song.  I had fun watching the video too. You can too! Give in to the pop!


Or don't, it's cool.