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PREMIERE! - Rudy De Anda - June Gloom (Smilin') [OFFICIAL AUDIO]

Rudy De Anda is set to release his latest single, "June Gloom (Smilin')" on Tuesday, April 11, but you are lucky enough to find yourself here on our website with the exclusive first listen. The single is part of a greater collection of new recordings from former Angeleno-turned-resident Chicago-ian? Chicago-leno? Chicago-nite? Whatever you decide to call Anda's new city adjective, the sounds, vibes and essence on Anda's new album Closet Botanist (Produced by Adrian Quesada) are still faintly reminiscent of his former city. 

Most of the songs on the album were written in L.A., except for a few exceptions. "June Gloom (Smilin')" is one of those exceptions. 

"I wrote this song on the road in Nashville walking around before a show with Black Pumas." Rudy De Anda says, "A melody came to my head and I started recording it on my phone. Ironically this is the song that caught Adrian Quesada's attention that spawned this whole process of Closet Botanist.  My idea for the song itself was my attempt at a 'low rider oldie’…  I was like everyone else is doing it. Here's my take on the matter.”

Rudy De Anda - June Gloom (Smilin') OFFICIAL AUDIO

Rudy De Anda's Closet Botanist album will be available on vinyl, CD and digital/streaming platforms on April 28th via Colemine/Karma Chief Records. Click here to pre-order.